24 Apr

Three months of steady work in New Jersey have come to an end. Now back in Arizona, it will take me a few days to settle in and begin to submit to you articles that I trust will inspire you to think, imagine, ruminate and contemplate the method and manner in which your life can begin to be improved through my martial ideology of Jiriki Kata-Do (The way of inner salvation). While I adjust to Arizona, allow me to submit my reflections on the past few months in New Jersey.

My stay in New Jersey was rewarding and fulfilling on many levels. I was able to again see family, including my dad, mom, daughters, Jess and Kim and especially my grandson Stratton. At 19 months, the little guy is turning into quite a handful and a bit of a daredevil. He even took his first ride in a cherry picker with his mom, Jess!


I was able to spend time with my Sensei, Shihan Thomas DeFelice, Ku-Dan (9th degree black belt) and hone my physical, mental and spiritual skills.

With great pleasure, I attended weekly training sessions at the USA Goshin-Ryu Karate Dojo of Shihan Wayne Norlander, Ku-Dan (9th degree black belt) in Bogota, NJ.

Shihan Norlander gave me the honor of teaching his senior Yudansha a Eaku (Okinawa Oar) Kata. I digitally recorded the Kata and was able to produce a unique video for my Fly Fishing Dojo weblog entitled “Fisherman As Warriors”. If you would like to see the Kata, here is a convenient link to the video –

I was especially honored to have attended the senior black belt promotion of Sensei Pablo Peneque, Roku-dan (6th degree black belt) and Sensei Scott Zamora, Yon-dan (4th degree black belt).

The promotion ceremony was a forum for a reunion of several of Shihan DeFelice’s Yudansha (black belts).

After three and a half days on the road, we arrived back home in Arizona on April 18th.

And thus, begins another segment of the Sensei John weblog; now brought to you from the Valley Of The Sun, Arizona. Much more to follow. I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowski, Soke, Jiriki Kata-Do

Please feel free to visit my Fly Fishing Dojo weblog which explores the interrelationship between martial arts protocol & ideology & fly fishing. WWW.FlyFishingDojo.Com

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