11 Sep

September, 2011. With the end of summer and many readers returning from summer vacation, I thought I would provide you with a synopsis of summer. Summer here in the Arizona desert known as the “Valley of the Sun” may be characterized as Hellishly Hot, Decidedly Dusty and Rarely Rainy.

Having summarized summer, 2011, let me provide you with a synopsis of weblog posts that you may have missed during your vacation.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT – SANCHIN VIDEO SERIES – With invaluable insights from my Sensei, Shihan Thomas DeFelice, I finished the Sanchin Video Series (58 minutes running time) designed so as to allow the non-martial artist the ability to learn the treasure of Karate – Sanchin Kata.

Sanchin DVD Jacket Art

The video is companion to my book on Sanchin Kata.

Sanchin Book Front Cover Art

Here is a convenient link a promotional video about the series filmed on location at various scenic locations throughout Arizona. LINK:

You may purchase the DVD safely and conveniently on E-bay with the following link

And now, here is a synopsis with links to the articles you may have missed while away for summer vacation. Look for a new semester of blogging beginning September 18th, next week.

NENJUUSHIN – EVERYDAY MIND:  An analysis of the martial arts state of mind known as “Nenjuushin”, “Every day mind” and how you can benefit from its understanding and incorporation into your daily activities.

Convenient link:

A SENSEI’S PRAYER: From the annals of Goshin-Do Karate-Do mythology comes “A Sensei’s Prayer.” This affirmation is inspirational and useful for not only a Sensei, but also anyone who occupies a leadership position.

Convenient link:

THE SATORI FISH & THE FISHERMAN: An example of how a traditional martial arts fable can be adapted to conform into any modern day activity. Convenient link:

KAMAWANU – ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE: The martial arts ideology of “Kamawanu” is disclosed so as to provide a forum for self-analysis. Convenient link:

TIME TO GO TO HELL: An ancient depiction of Heaven and Hell provides a foundation for reflection on the manner in which modern political crisis can be resolved enveloping a communal reliance.

Convenient link:

VIRTUES OF KATA: Proposes ten virtues of Kata as a framework for consideration during you practice and examination of Kata. Convenient link:

THE TAO OF COACH VINCE LOMBARDI: Examine of of Coach Loambardi’s most memorable speeches from a different perspective. Convenient Link:

Of interest from the archives of FLY FISHING DOJO:

ZANSHIN FOR FISHERMAN: An illustrative forum concerning the martial arts state of mind of “Zanshin”, “Remaining-mind” and the manner in which it is readily incorporated into daily activities, such as fishing< for the benefit of those participating in the activity. Convenient link:

UNIQUE VIDEO – FISHERMAN AS WARRIORS: Click the convenient link to see a new context for this traditional Kobudo Kata; a traditional Ufuichiku No Eaku Kata performed at Shihan Wayne Norlander’s USA Goshin-Ryu Karate Dojo in Bogota, NJ. Convenient link:

I hope you are able to catch-up on articles you may have missed during you vacation and find them constructive. I remain anticipating a new semester of blogging,



Sensei John Szmitkowski

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