16 Oct

I was recently at a market in Apache Junction, Arizona promoting my Sanchin Kata DVD and book when I was asked whether I still practice Sanchin Kata and Goshin-Do Karate-Do regularly (Thank-you Miss H. for inspiring this article).

Sanchin DVD cover art

It must be remembered that Jiriki Kata-Do is the epiphenomenon of Goshin-Do Karate-Do. As such, to not practice Goshin-Do Karate-Do regularly would erode the brick and mortar upon which Jiriki Kata-Do is built. (Please see below for a convenient link to a Sanchin video preview and a link to purchase the Sanchin DVD)

In so far as Jiriki Kata-Do is a dynamic (moving) ideology, it is impossible to merely reflect upon it by means of zazen (seated meditation). One must engage in physical movement which is an integral component to spiritual awakening and fostering an appreciation of the interconnectivity that exists with the world in which we live.

To this end, I practice all physical protocols regularly and engage in the practice of Sanchin, the gateway protocol daily, usually multiple times a day. To fail to do so would render me a hypocrite to those who have chosen to learn and walk the path of Sanchin. As was observed by the philosopher, Friedrich  Nietzsche,

“He who is a teacher from the very heart takes all things seriously with respect to his students – even himself.” (See Endnote # 1)

Thus, notwithstanding the fact that through practice and contemplation of the protocols of Goshin-Do Karate, I was able to conceive of Jiriki Kata-Do, the basic tenet of this ideology requires ever more constant practice to which I must continually “take seriously.” I submit that one who is a pure teacher from the heart must continually “practice what one preaches.” Surely, this concept is not an original one. It may be found time and time again by the actions of some of our most important historical teachers. Take, for example, the following story from the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

A woman once brought her small daughter to Gandhi with a simple request, “Tell my daughter not to eat candy. It is bad for her teeth. She respects you and will obey you.” But Gandhi refused. “Come back in three weeks,” Gandhi told her. “I will see what I can do.”

When the woman returned in three weeks with her daughter, Gandhi took the little girl on his knee and gently instructed her, “Don’t eat candy. It is bad for your teeth.”

The girl shyly nodded her assent. Then she and her mother left for their home. When they were gone, some of Gandhi’s associates were upset and confronted him. “Bapu, did you know that the woman and her child had to walk hours to see you, and you made them walk that great distance twice in three weeks? Why didn’t you give that simple advice to the girl when they first came?”

Gandhi laughed. “Three weeks ago I did not know if I could stop eating candy. How could I advocate a value unless I myself practice it?” (See Endnote # 2)

Similarly, though I have conceived of Jiriki Kata-Do and the import of Sanchin as its gateway protocol, I must continually travel the path of this ideology through the continued, regular practice and contemplation of Sanchin and the other protocols. Through this practice, I am able to continually learn and develop myself as a more complete person from within myself; which is, after all, hallmark of Jiriki Kata-Do.



Until the next submission, I remain, a teacher from the very heart, practicing what he preaches and wondering where such practice may lead,



Sensei John Szmitkowski

Intrigued by this ideological analysis? Want more? Then, for a very reasonable price, purchase my Sanchin Kata DVD and have access to the full treasure trove of understanding to be found within Jiriki Kata-Do – and – SANCHIN.

Here is a convenient link a promotional video about the Sanchin DVD filmed on location at various scenic locations throughout Arizona. LINK:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-pC-tPUrYE

Information on how to purchase Sanchin tutorial products may be found by clicking this convenient link:http://www.dynamic-meditation.com/references.html.


1. Nietzsche, Friedrich, Beyond Good & Evil, Maxims & Interludes, Interlude # 63.

2.  Goswami, Amit, The Self-Aware Universe, (G.P. Putnam & Sons, New York, NY, 1993) p. 264-265.

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