27 Nov

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus . . . and he’s advertising pain-relief pills!

To be sure, as a society, we have become somewhat accustomed to the disturbing use of Santa Claus as a peddler of all sorts of consumer goods. I too have become accustom to the use of Santa’s image as a marketing tool. However, when I saw the following advertisement in a national magazine, I was taken aback.

The idea of Santa peddling pills was profoundly disturbing. The advertisement touched upon my total disdain for a western society that craves pills, prescription and over the counter, to solve all life’s woes, including: physical ills, from erectile dysfunction to high cholesterol, emotional problems, from depression to attention deficit disorder, and vacuous cosmetic desires . . . remember Latisee, the prescription drug which was the pill that is supposed to give women fuller, longer, luscious eyelashes.

My disgust in the advertisement was somewhat mitigated by the caption: ”. . .  With less pills”; however, this mitigation was slight. The message “take our pills so you don’t have to take more of the other brand’s pills” can not be said to be a positive message.

In the midst of my ennui, a thought occurred to me that shone though my dark mood. I realized that, to a vast extent, advertising is driven by projected consumer demand. Could this mean that the next big trend in pharmacopeia is that consumers will want to ingest less pills to solve their physical, emotional and spiritual problems? If the concept of “Take our pill so you can take less of theirs” is indicative of a future trend, then why not simply extend the trend to its logical conclusion? It is about time that western society embraces a paradigm shift wherein one improves physical, emotional and spiritual well-being using one’s own natural, internal biologic functions to heal oneself rather than ingest fewer pharmaceuticals. Dare I say, maybe even take no pharmaceutical drugs at all? (See Endnote # 1).

In so far as I am prejudiced by my own beliefs (as based upon my personal experiences) in the life-sustaining benefits of Sanchin Kata and my dynamic ideology of Jiriki Kata-Do, I submit that the catalyst for such paradigm shift in individual improvement should start with daily practice of Sanchin. You can conveniently discover Sanchin for yourself by viewing a free preview to my Sanchin DVD by clicking this link: Information on how to purchase Sanchin tutorial products may be found by clicking this convenient link:

So, my disgust and ennui derived from initially viewing the aforementioned advertisement has transformed into hope. Hope, that next year Santa Claus will be depicted in an advertisement, posed in a Sanchin posture with the caption, “Perform Sanchin and you will take less pills.”

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus . . .  and he performs Sanchin Kata.

In closing, I remain, an apostle of Sanchin and wish you all a Merry christmas and Happy Holidays.

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Sensei John Szmitkowski


1. To be sure, I am not advocating, nor am I advising anyone, to immediately discontinue taking your prescription medications. Rather, I am postulating that if you begin to take responsibility for you own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, starting with learning and practicing Sanchin Kata, you MAY, UNDER DOCTOR’S GUIDANCE, be able to reduce the prescription and other medications that you daily ingest. Isn’t that worth the three minutes a day it takes to perform Sanchin?

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