100th Post

17 Mar

My WordPress dashboard has advised me that the within constitutes my 100th post. For me, it is a small, but significant milestone. After many years in Karate-do, I knew first hand the benefits of pursuing such an elevated art. My desire to teach Karate-Do to others transformed into a quest to bring the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Karate-Do to anyone and everyone that desired to pursue same without the need to fully immerse themselves within a full Karate-Do curriculum. WordPress provided the technical platform to make such information readily available. It allowed me to begin this blog.

In those early days of blogging, I did not foresee the day that I would post my 100th article. Rather, the goal of those days was to simply distill my knowledge into as easy to follow format as possible. After blogging for a time, I discovered “vlogging”, or video-blogging. Video provided a new foundation upon which to communicate my ideas.

None of this would have been as rewarding as it is without you, my subscribers, regular readers and casual visitors. I have come to know several of you through your purchase of my Sanchin For Everyone DVD and Book, e-mails, Facebook and correspondence. Others, who are anonymous visitors register as”hits and views” on the blog’s statistical dashboard; but beyond the numbers lays a person similar to myself – curious for knowledge and eager to share so as to fulfill our human experience. To establish a sense of cyber-intimacy, I started the category “A Sanchin Pilgrimage” as a means of mutually engaging in Sanchin. For me, our cyber-sharing experience has been rewarding. To this end, I thank-you all.

As to a conclusion for this post, I submit the following two items.

The first submission is a new video to celebrate the occasion. The video is of a kata related to Sanchin called Tensho (“Turning Hand”) filmed in a recent snowstorm for your aesthetic enjoyment. Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLXQRMWDkhY (Note: a link to an instructional video is provided free to all purchasers of a Sanchin product so that you too may learn Tensho).

Tensho Kata in a snowstorm

Tensho Kata in a snowstorm

The second submission is a poem:

I have always known
That at last I would
Take this road, but yesterday
I did not know it would be today.
(See Endnote # 1 for the original Japanese)

In closing, I remain looking forward to providing you with more videos and the next 100 posts,


Sensei John Szmitkowski


1. The poet Narihara, from (a most highly recommended book) Rexroth, Kenneth, One Hundred Poems of the Japanese (New Directions Publishing) p.58.

Tsui ni yuku
Michi to wa kanete
Kikishi kado
Kino kyo to wa
Omowazarishi wo.

NOW AVAILABLE – SANCHIN VIDEO SERIES designed specifically for the NON-MARTIAL ARTIST who desires to learn & unlock the secret treasure of Sanchin. Here is a convenient link a promotional video about the Sanchin DVD filmed on location at various scenic locations throughout Arizona. LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-pC-tPUrYEYou can find information on how to purchase a Sanchin DVD & Book by clicking the following convenient link:http://www.dynamic-meditation.com/references.html

** If you experience any difficulty in purchasing online using the above links, please contact me via a “comment” on this blog & I will e-mail you instructions on how to purchase a Sanchin product using a check or money order ***

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For more on either Sanchin Kata as meditation or my new book on Sanchin Kata, please feel free to visit the “Sanchin Book” page of this weblog, or my website WWW.Dynamic-Meditation.Com.

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One Response to “100th Post”

  1. Dianne Heatherly March 17, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    Congratulations on this milestone! I so enjoy your videos,especially with the snow! The snow creates an appropriate calm.

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