Still Winter . . . That’s OK

2 Mar

“Life is a Kata” (Sensei John Szmitkowski)



The days are shorter, colder, bleaker. But, with the end of Winter just around the corner, let’s take a moment and celebrate the season with either Sanchin Kata, Shibumi Kata or any other karate kata. So,

it’s still winter – “. . . That’s OK” (Online Kata)

Remember, the group dynamic is not fulfilled by all of us being geographically present, rather, it is fulfilled by each of us performing our kata in the proscribed manner.

Session Parameters: 

Date: Starting Monday March 4th, 2014;

Time: FIRST thing in the morning! Yes, get out of that warm bed and venture out into the cold, crisp air.

Location: MUST be outdoors

Salient Points:

There is one simple point, just do it and embrace the experience.

Kata Sommelier: For my karate brethren, I would recommend the kata that you are most familiar with. This should allow you to perform the kata utterly without thought so as to focus on your winter surroundings.

The last requirement of this “. . . That’s OK” session is to remain in a positive physical, emotional and mental state throughout the day by way of the concept of  “Zanshin” (the “remaining mind).” For information on the Zanshin state-of-mind, please use this LINK:

Once again, you may wish to not only perform this “. . . That’s OK” session as scheduled, but may also revisit the session as a regular part of your kata practice.

In the cold dark days of winter, the common man remains indoors, the extra-ordinary man will embrace the winter. To guide you on your way to extra-ordinariness here is a video of the extremely rare Ten-Ni-No Kata (translation: “To Rise Above The Common”) filmed in a New Jersey snowstorm.

In closing I remain, embracing the last of winter,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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