9 Mar

Why do I so strongly advocate the idea that everyone should practice Sanchin Kata? Simple, “Life is a Kata.” Sanchin is a gateway to comprehending the basic elements of life.To facilitate learning Sanchin, anyone can freely acquaint themselves with Sanchin Kata using the “Try Sanchin Kata” page tab above.


Sanchin Kata (meaning “Three Battles’) examines the three aspects necessary for each and every moment of life, namely, breathing, bodily movement and state-of-mind. Clearly, you cannot live without breathing. Even during times of physical inactivity your body is moving; your heart pumps blood, your lungs expand and contract, digestive organs function, even your minute cells go abut their metabolic processes. Though state-of-mind is a bit more amorphous, you always maintain a state of mental activity. If you do not, then you are clinically “brain-dead;” time to proverbially “pull-the-plug.”

Through the regular practice of Sanchin you explore these three aspects and gain insights into:

  • The specific nature of each of life’s three individual aspects;
  • The manner in which the individual aspects of breathing, bodily movement and state-of-mind, interact, blend and combine to produce – You;
  • The effect whereby you simultaneously exist in the three distinct states of a physical self, a spiritual self and a metaphysical self (connected with your environment).

In addition to the “Try Sanchin Kata” page, throughout this blog, there are articles and videos that guide you in exploring the three aspects in greater detail. You will also enjoy the my free Shibumi Kata which you can explore using the “Try Shibumi Kata” page tab.

Remember my simple concept that “Life is a Kata” and Sanchin is the gateway to understand how to improve each aspect of life.

In closing I remain, advocating Sanchin for everyone in the life that is a Kata,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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