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23 Mar

life=kata-YOU-  Life is a Kata.

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Yes, it is true, every second of every day, the entire world performs Sanchin.

The kanji (Japanese calligraphy) for “Sanchin” translates as “Three Battles.” Those familiar with my writings and videos know that the “battles” of Sanchin refer to the three aspects of Life. On a basic level, I define the three battles of Sanchin as:

  • breathing;
  • bodily movement;
  • state-of-mind.

Using my definition, it is easy to see how every second of every day, the entire world performs the three battles of Sanchin (See Endnote # 1).

Kanji for "Sanchin", sumi-e ink on rice paper

Kanji for “Sanchin”, sumi-e ink on rice paper

Since you are already performing the three aspects of Sanchin, it is to your benefit to learn the Kata that is Sanchin. The Kata Sanchin is of such importance that I steadfastly believe everyone should perform it at least once a day. I am so resolute in this belief that I have made it possible for each and every reader to acquaint themselves with Sanchin Kata for FREE using the “Try Sanchin Kata” page tab above (Link: ).

Further, as you are already performing the three battles of Sanchin (breathing, bodily movement and state-of-mind) every second of each day, you should learn the kata as a means of fostering and developing your understanding of the three battles. By doing so, a new appreciation and understanding of your daily activities will come to pass. By now, many of your daily activities are routine, mundane and lack depth. Through Sanchin, you can reverse this phenomenon. The daily practice of Sanchin Kata will also increase your physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Still skeptical? Not convinced?

Well, here’s two simple tasks to convince you.

First, let me help you realize that every second of every day you must perform the three aspects of Sanchin Kata. On a piece of paper write four columns as you see below (or you can right-click the table below to save and print).


As you go about your day, fill in a few activities (perhaps ten) that you undertake. At the end of the day, take a moment and see how each activity uses all three of the battles of Sanchin. I have taken a moment to provide a completed sample. You may be surprised to realize that even during periods of physically inactivity, your body is still active.  (See Endnote # 2 for my completed form)

Second, go to the “Try Sanchin Kata” page above (Link:  ) and acquaint yourself with Sanchin. Try it for a few days and notice that you begin to appreciate the three battles and how they are a mandatory part of each day. You will also find that you feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically with Sanchin Kata than without it.

Third, once you acquaint yourself with Sanchin Kata, you are able to learn more advanced kata once the guarded treasures of martial artists. Such kata include Tensho, “Turning Hand” Kata, (video below filmed in a snowstorm) and Seienchin Kata, “Calm In The Storm, Storm In The Calm” (video below filmed in the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Cod, MA).



Consider how, wonderful it is that the entire world – each and every person – is linked and united through the three battles of Sanchin. Be a part of that special group that pays homage to this phenomenon through the daily practice of the Kata that is Sanchin.

You will also enjoy the my free Shibumi Kata which you can explore using the “Try Shibumi Kata” page tab.

Remember my simple concept that “Life is a Kata” and Sanchin is the gateway to understand how to improve each aspect of life.

In closing I remain, advocating Sanchin Kata for everyone in the life that is a Kata,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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1. Readers may recall that building upon my basic definition, I propose and advanced definition of the three battles of Sanchin, or the three aspects of life as:

  • physical aspect (composed of breathing and bodily movement);
  • spiritual aspect (our state-of mind, including emotional and psychological states);
  • metaphysical aspect (the manner in which we interact with our external environment.

This advanced definition further supports my statement that every second of every day, the entire world performs (the three battles of) Sanchin.

2. Here is my completed three battle form:


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