Merry Christmas 2016

5 Dec

Merry Christmas 2016

invincible summer

To all my readers, please accept my sincerest wishes for a joyous, peaceful, familial Christmas Season.

Each year at this time, I remind myself of the lyrics from the eternal John Lennon song, War Is Over;
“And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over and a new one has begun.”
Please join me in reflecting back on our deeds, thoughts and emotions of the last year and where necessary make adjustments in the forthcoming year.
Let us embrace the simple concept that giving is better than receiving. In doing so, we benefit not only the recipient, but also our own sense of self and self-worth.
My very best wishes that we may embrace this Christmas with joy and hope as the path of the forthcoming year begins to unfold.

I remain,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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snowflake  To all my readers who have acquainted themselves with Sanchin Kata & my karate-do comrades. You are cordially invited to join me in a cyber-group Christmas Sanchin Kata session. Let us all perform Sanchin Kata prior to retiring for the night and Christmas Eve and also perform Sanchin Kata again as our first act on Christmas morning.

KATA LAB  For a refreshing and innovative discourse on kata and bunkai, please feel free to visit Sensei John’s Kata Laboratory and “THINK * SWEAT * EXPERIMENT” using this convenient link:

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