A Deceased Sensei Has My Back

7 Jun

 Karate-Ka (practitioner of karate);



During life, Shihan Wayne Norlander was all that and more. May 18th 2011 he passed on. After death, his eternal spirit continues on. He watches my back.I’ve previously written about unusual experiences concerning Sensei Wayne and my recent medical condition. Though deceased, he saved my life.

In that article, I used the following picture. It was taken at Sensei Wayne’s
Bogota, New Jersey Dojo in 2010. This was one year prior to his death.

One year later, May 18th, 2011, I had posted the photo on my Facebook wall. I
used it as a memorial commemorating the one year anniversary of Sensei Wayne’s passing.

Since his passing, Sensei Wayne’s eternal spirit continues on. He watches my
back. While the events I had previously written about were otherworldly, this is
down right eerie.

During pre-op testing before my second heart surgery, a mass was discovered on
my lung. I was referred to a pulmonary doctor. He concluded I needed to have a
PET/CT scan to determine if it was cancerous. The test was scheduled for
Wednesday May 24th. I would know the results the next day when I was
scheduled to meet with the doctor.

In the interim was the memorial of Sensei Wayne’s passing, May 18th. As usual,I posted my annual Hatsu Bon Memorial. https://senseijohn.me/2017/05/11/hatsu-bon-for-shihan-wayne-norlander-3/

Again, I used the photo.

Inevitably May 24th arrived. At 7;45 a.m. I had the scan. The next day was the
“big day.” I was to meet with the doctor to get the results.. Before leaving I showered and dressed. I did that so fast that I had spare time to burn. I opened my laptop and went to my Facebook Wall.

As is Facebook’s custom, an algorithm randomly picks a “memory” from your
prior postings. This not only reminds you of what you had previously posted, but
also allows you to again “share” your memory.

Lo and Behold, I was taken aback. On this fateful, potentially life-altering day,
Facebook’s random algorithm picked the original photo of Sensei Wayne and I.
The same one that I had posted six years ago and used in the above articles! This
had to be an omen. I knew then and there that whatever the outcome, it was
meant to be. It would be the “right” one regardless of what it was to be.

Naturally, I “shared” the photo memory. https://www.facebook.com/fly.fishingdojo

So, I left home and drove to the office with my spouse, Dianne. Long and short of
it, the news was that I did not have cancer. The mass was benign.

And so, once again I have my friend to thank for watching my back.

As Rod Sterling said in the Twilight Zone T.V. series, “submitted for your

Sensei John Szmitkowski

This week’s featured video: My graveside Sanchin Kata tribute to Sensei Wayne.

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