Time Modification Of Kata – Interim Movements – Fuku/Gekisai Kata Example

25 Oct

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This article is a continuation of my exploration of time as a fourth dimension of distance. For those unfamiliar with this concept there are several video and other resources in Endnote # 1. Simply put, most martial artists think of distance as a function of the three dimensions of length, width and height. To do so omits the all important fourth dimension of time.

Time as a fourth dimension of distance is easily appreciated when one practices their kata. Such, practice, may require modification of the kata sequences. The within is one method of modifying your kata to appreciate the time dimension.

Interim kata movements (the starting posture of the next movement) can be modified to achieve a time advantage over your opponent. How does this work? Let us look at a typical three move kata sequence found in many kata. That of a block, a counter strike and a block. This last block is actually not a “block” but a continuation of the counter attack. In the Goshin-Do style of karate, this sequence can be found, inter alia, in the Kata Fuku and Gekisai, (See Endnote # 2)

As the sequence is the same for both Fuku and Gekisai Kata (only the blocks change) let’s take a look at the sequence as it is normally performed in the Fuku Kata (See Endnote # 3 for videos of both the entire Fuku and Gekisai Kata)

Move # 1: High Block

Move # 2: Step forward, lunge Punch to chest

Move # 3: Step back, low block

To explore how an interim movement (the cover for the third block) can be used to achieve a time advantage, simply modify the movement. In the case, you speed up the cover for the block. Normally after the lunge punch you would step back to a half-way position and then cover the low block. You then complete the step back (to a side stance in the Fuku & Gekisai Kata) and complete the low block. To achieve a time advantage, perform the cover simultaneously with the punch as shown in the photo below. Again, you then step back to the completed position.

Move # 1:

Move # 2: Time modified – lunge punch and cover for low block simultaneous:

Move # 3: Step back, low block as usual.

You can and should practice your kata with this time adjustment. When you are comfortable with the movement, conduct bunkai (analysis) with a partner and see how the cover actually becomes a continuation of the counter attack (as in the case of the completed low block). In the time modified sequence, you will have gained an advantage by counter striking your opponent twice (once with the punch and simultaneously with the counter).

Exploring the fourth dimension of time as a component part of your kata will provide you with a rich and more complete understanding of not only your kata, but, also yourself. It is fertile ground limited only by the boundaries of your own imagination.

Respectfully submitted,

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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1. To understand the basic concept of the three basic dimensions of lenght, width and height as they relate to the martial arts and the fourth dimension of time, please click this link:

2. The basic sequence, block, strike, block, is sometimes obscured. For example, the sequence is found within the Taikiyoku kata series. A block is followed by a lunge punch, a turn is then performed during which another block is executed. The turn obscures the third block in the sequence. Removing the cloud of the turn opens the idea that the third block and turn is in fact a continuation of the counter strike. However, that concept is for another article in this series.

3. Here is a video of the entire Fuku and Gekisai Kata of the Goshin-Do Karate style.

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