Sneak Peak: Provincetown Kata Video (Kata Lab # 3250)

17 Jan

January 4th, 2018, the east of coast of the United States was experiencing what the media was calling the snow “bomb cyclone;” a snowstorm of epic proportions. In between shoveling the mounting snow, I was working on my Kata Lab project.

Using video I shot over the summer on Cape Cod, MA, I was finalizing a three part series on my idea that, at all times, kata resides within you. Kata percolates waiting to be released. The ultimate expression of this release is a completely spontaneous kata. Released sua sponte, without rehearsal. I had filmed an example on the shores of Cape Cod Bay. As I worked on the project, I took time out from writing and editing to perform the kata that I improvised that day. As I performed the kata again and again, I found that I was transformed back to that warm, grey morning on the shore of Cape Cod Bay. The sand was again underfoot, the smell of the ocean was in the air. A Taste of salt on my lips and the sound of waves softly lapping the shore brought me back to the Cape.

For a few glorious minutes I was transported. Away from the snow “bomb cyclone.” I was once again, warm and comfortable. Thanks to – kata. Once again.

Here’s a sneak-peak at the video that warmed me that day and for many days to come. Soon I’ll post the Kata Lab (Lab # 3250 – Kata Within You – Intermediate). You can; however, few the introductory article (which is part one of the series) using this convenient link.

Until the Kata Lab is ready, remember that you can use your kata as a means of remembering people you trained with, places you been and other good memories from your past.

I hope you enjoyed the video, look for the Kata Lab soon. Respectfully submitted,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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