Sanchin & Cigarettes

26 Apr

I’m at work one day when I notice two people standing in a far corner of ‘the porch.” I stash my backpack with water and energy snack and motorcycle helmet in this far corner, so when I saw two people standing their, my attention increased. At first I thought the were either two customers that innocently wandered off the path or not so innocently were drawn to my stash. But, it was simply two of our employees taking a cigarette break.


My little corner of “The Porch”

That’s when it hit me – “Let’s combine Sanchin Kata and smoking cigarettes.”

For decades now, workers are no longer allowed to smoke in the workplace. Smoking can only take place is designated areas, usually outdoors. Going to such an area to smoke results is a free-bee. You still get paid during a smoke break. Unfortunately, those of that do not smoke do not take such a break. But we can. Better yet, we can turn our (non)smoke-break into a Sanchin break.

I have long advocated that “Anybody, anyplace, anytime can (and should) do Sanchin Kata.” (See this week’s featured video). Using a cigarette-break is an easy way to remind you to recharge and rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally with Sanchin. When others take a break to smoke, you should find a quiet outdoor location and perform Sanchin. In fact, in less time that it takes others to smoke one cigarette, you would have performed one Sanchin Kata.

My quiet space for “Kata-breaks”

With practice, you can then incorporate other kata into your “Kata-break.” My favorite routine is to start with Sanchin, then on the next break perform Seienchin and finally Suparunpei on my last work “Kata-break.” I have no problem doing this as in a normal shift, many co-workers smoke three or more cigarettes necessitating three or more (paid) work breaks.

So, the next time your coworkers take a cigarette break, treat yourself to a smok’in good Sanchin break.

Featured Video (Sanchin Kata – Anybody, anyplace, anytime):

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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