Katannabis – “Souvenir Effect”

16 Oct

 I’m not sure when exactly it happened. It was far too long ago, before the time I had grey hair. I discovered that during kata I could “transport” my mind. I would be performing kata in one location, but in my minds-eye I’d be in another location.

At an early age I realized that kata lived within me. It percolated and simmered waiting to pour out. Using my arms, legs and mind, kata would spill its benefits into the cup of my soul. As no special equipment or uniform is needed to perform kata, I could perform it anywhere at anytime.

A Sanchin pontoon boat ride with Miko (R.I.P.), Lake George, NY circa 1999

I especially loved (and still love) kata outdoors. Even on vacation, kata was with me. Through practice, kata became a souvenir of my travels. This is the “souvenir effect” of my Kata-RX for wellness. You, too, can experience this effect anytime you wish, or need to. In fact I did that just this morning.

Seienchin Kata during Sturgis Bike Week, Badlands State Park, 2003

I woke this morning and opened my eyes to grey. The day is cool, and dreary. The forecast is for a windy, rain driven Nor’easter this afternoon; a deluge. I performed my morning Kata in my backyard. The vegetable garden is gone, the trees, save for the pine trees are almost bear. What happened to the cacophony of color? Gone with the change of season. During practice, I closed my eyes and performed my “1 Day / 1 Lifetime” Kata. Lo and behold, I was transformed. In my minds-eye I was once again filming videos on a sunny, warm, colorful beach. I felt as if I was once again on Cape Cod or down the Jersey shore. I was a living, time-traveling.

Join me in my P-Town souvenir and take a sneak peak at my FREE Kata-RX first course. The course contains a full class & practice session on the souvenir effect of Kata-RX for wellness.

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Sensei John Szmitkowski

I don’t perform my kata only in warm, temperate weather, here’s one of Sanchin Kata (which is a component of my “1Day / 1 Lifetime” Kata) in a winter storm (with poems)


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