Katannabis Guideline # 3: Exiting Katannabis

6 Nov

Katannabis Guideline # 3: Exiting Katannabis

The ceremonial ritual of Katannabis involves the combination of my Kata-RX and cannabis, either medical or recreational, as an entheogen. But there’s more. There is an important phase of the ritual that isn’t apparent on the surface. While it is true that the Katannabis ceremony is performed with both Kata-RX and medical cannabis there is an important step that must be performed after the effects of the cannabis entheogen has worn off.

It is very important that the Kata-RX you performed while under the influence of your medical cannabis must again be performed without cannabis. It is so important that I have prioritized this as the first guideline.

In my practice, I discovered that it is extremely important to perform the exact kata (and sequence of kata) that formed the Katannabis ceremony without the effects of cannabis. Think of this as a symbolic “exit” to the Katannabis ceremony. Usually my Katannabis is performed in the early evening. The first thing I do the morning after Katannabis is to perform the exact same kata as my Katannabis ritual meditation the prior evening.

There are many reasons that this guideline must not be ignored. Most are beyond the ken of this article which is to simply get you to add an exit Kata session to your ceremony. It is important to be mindful of the effect of cannabis, when entheogenically combined with Kata, profoundly shifts perception. In essence, the shift transcends a physical based reality to a heightened sense of the import and your participation in the non-physical elements of reality, including other dimension.  As such, it is important that you reacquaint yourself with a return from the non-physical experience to a reality grounded in the physical. This is accomplished by the exit Kata session without the Katannabis entheogen.

Here’s a clip from a Kata-Rx class video about Exiting Katannabis:

To reiterate, you should think of the full Katannabis ceremony to include not only the Katannabis aspect (Kata-RX plus medical cannabis) but also the Exit Kata-RX. Thus, guideline number one becomes part and parcel of Katannabis, not merely a guideline.

Please do not skip this step. 

If you do not know a Kata but would like to try Katannabis, please sign up for the first course – it’s FREE. See you in class – its FREE! Simply use this link, you have nothing to lose!

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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