Coronavirus FREE Resources

2 Nov

With the current increase in Coronavirus cases and the current cold and flu season, I thought I would provide a quick reference to my FREE Coronavirus resources. I particularly recommend entry number 3 as a means of maintaining good lung capacity.

All resources are FREE, please take what you need.
Entry # 1 – How the #Coronapause journal started –
Entry # 2 – Boketto (gazing absentmindedly) –
Entry # 3 – Introduction to Sanchin (efficient breathing) –
Entry # 4 – Zanshin (the “Remaining Mind”) –
Entry # 5 – Calm In The Storm Technique –
Entry # 6 – A Caregiver Is A Samurai –
Entry # 7 – Go Inside (Yourself) –
Stay well, healthy and happy,

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