Sensei’s Kata-Rx Journal Entry # 3: Depth Of Winter – Or, Is It Summer?

1 Feb

“In the depth of winter, I discovered within me lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

        That’s been my mantra all week. Working outdoors, my mood is susceptible to influence by the weather. This was one such week. Often bleak with very little sun, morning temperatures below freezing and high temperatures hardly above the weather bore down upon me.

The aches and pains of physical labor were amplified by the cold. Fatigue, increased by my body burning calories just to maintain a normal core temperature, weighed heavily.

My nightly Katannabis and morning Kata-Rx sessions didn’t just nurture me. It sustained me. It got more through. Now Sunday, the one day off, Katannabis and Kata-Rx instill a connectivity. This day of rest is connected to the next day of rest, six days away. Both are one and the same. Separated only by six brief interruptions of work. I’ll get through the next week because its already connect, past, present and future. That knowledge mitigates the dilatory physical, mental and emotional effects of winter and allows my internal summer to sustain itself.

      Life is one big continuum, each moment exists independently and co-mingled with its predecessor and successor. Winter is linked to and exists simultaneously with summer. It is all a simple matter of a state-of-being. Yeah, I know, sounds a bit “new-age.” I agree – but – after years of my Kata-Rx mediation and Katannabis ritual, I can tell you its not only true, but can be experienced!

Believe me or not, it makes no difference to me. I understand it, experience it and benefit from it. You can too, for FREE, safely and conveniently in the comfort of your own home by enrolling for FREE in my online class:

From the Mushin-No-Shin mindset class

Until the next time – which incidentally exists right now, we just don’t know it, I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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