Next Free Kata Lab Online Course – Preview

15 Mar

The launch my my FREE Kata Lab Lite online class series has met with better than expected success. It seems you want more. So, I’m in the process of filming the next online course. This course will continue to introduce you to and have you explore the spiritual aspects of Kata. (See Endnote # 1)

Here’s a sneak peak at what lies ahead in my Kata Laboratory FREE online classes:
(From “What’s Ahead” class video):

Curious? Want more – now? You can see some teaser articles and videos using these convenient links:

      Kata To Modify Emotions – Filmed in the scenic Superstition Mountains, Arizona, his video uses Gekisai Kata to demonstrate how kata affects your emotional state:

      Kata Dr. Jekyll’s Potion – This video uses Fuku Kata and is filmed at the beautiful Lower Salt River, Arizona.

      Souvenir effect of Kata (Remembrance effect) –

Remember to Think * Sweat * Experiment with Kata in my Kata Lab.

Try a FREE mini Kata Lab Course – Kata Analysis Using Time As A 4th Dimension Of Distance. Very innovative, exciting all for FREE in the comfort of your own home, using your system’s kata! Enroll for FREE using this convenient link:

Sensei John Szmitkowski

1. I stress that kata has “Three Battles” or aspects, a physical aspect, a spiritual aspect and an environmental aspect. Thus analysis of kata, a process called “Bunkai” must be conducted on the same three levels. You may find more using this link:

      Follow Sensei John on Instagram. Simply follow “1day1lifetime” for daily updates on all of Sensei’s projects:

  • Kata-Rx for wellness & mindfullness;
  • Katannabis (the entheogenic combination of Kata-Rx & medical cannabis);
  • Kata-Rx & Koan daily meditations;
  • Kata Laboratory where you can “Think – Sweat – Experiment” with your Kata & Sensei John’s innovative concepts.

Enjoy your Instagram experience with Sensei John.


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