Sensei John’s Journal: Entry # 11 – Physicality & Spirituality

5 Jul

July 4th, 2021. (Sunday)

The three day holiday weekend gave me ample opportunity to treat myself to in-depth Kata-Rx and Katannabis (the entheogenic combination of Kata-Rx & medical cannabis) sessions. This allowed me to delve deeply into the interrelationship between Physicality and Spirituality. In the coming weeks I’ll post some of my observations and conclusions.  For now, some introductory comments.

Physicality and spirituality concepts and methods are for most polar opposites. Physicality is found in the gym, or now, in a “cyber-gym.” Spirituality is found in the various Houses Of Worship. Both are desired, but sought through separate pursuits. In fact, the two are as intertwined as the classic “Yin / Yang” symbol. They are also directly proportionate. The more arduous the physical, the more profound effect on the spiritual. And, vice-versa. This is because the more arduous the physical the greater the draw to the “dark side” of states-of-mind. Thus the greater the need for the light of the spiritual. On Father’s Day my youngest daughter sent me a gift. A book,  inward by yung pueblo. I found the following:


when the body is tired

the mind will often create

worries to focus on. *

This observation is is one that was revealed during my Katannabis exploration. Now, the question becomes how to mitigate the dilatory effects of arduous physicality? The answer is Kata. The methodology is to be found in either Kata-Rx or Katannabis.

In the coming weeks I’ll post my observations of the relationship between physicality and spirituality. This will start with the concept that Kata is the bridge between physicality and spirituality. 

Until then, I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowski


  • inward, yung pueblo (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, Mo, 2018) p. 18. 

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