Sensei’s Journal: Entry # 17 – Katannabis Inspired Musings

31 Jan

Musings from this week’s Katannabis (the entheogenic combination of my Kata-Rx for wellness program and medical cannabis).

Katannabis often gives me insights into various matters. I record the more interesting ones in a journal. Sometimes they ripen into an article that I share here: ; More often not, they remain my personal insights which I tend to hoard. This week I thought I’d share with you some of my journal entries – my rough musings from Katannabis. In the event that any of these musings ripen into a future article, I’ll attach a link here.

1. In order to make it seem like I know what I’m talking about, I want to start with insights into the practice of Katannabis itself.

Continuing to explore Seienchin Kata as it symbolizes Dante’s Portal in the inferno I had the following insights:

  • First, the line “Before me nothing was created” is entangled with the title of “Sensei” which literally means “Before-being.”
  • Second, in the passage ” and when he placed his hand on mine, with a cheerful look from which I took comfort, he led me amongst the secret things.” I now understand that the “He” is Me (influenced by Katannabis in general and Seienchin in particular).

Exploration of and insights into the Suparunpei Kata as to the mandala-effect of performing two specific sections of the Kata with eyes closed and while being conscious of Dante’s Portal.

2. I had some truly noteworthy experiences performing Katannabis:

Wednesday morning while performing my pre-dawn Seipai Kata at the shop where the truck is parked, I was treated to a spectacularly bright view of the planet Venus.

Thursday night I performed Sanchin outside in the cold, clear night under the constellation Orion. It was enhanced by the melodic, haunting sound of a flute. One of my neighbors was either playing the instrument or listening to it.

3. Now for some of my general insights and musings during Katannabis:

I understand (and accept) that “Unwellness subsidizes wellness.” Damn, I really have to write more about that.

My average blood pressure of 153/81 mathematically results in a redigit,specifically 1.888888888888 to infinity

I came up with a new darts practice game. Generally, my dart game (after a good Katannabis session) is improving. I track my results on GoDart.Com

Its now Sunday and I’m starting to compose this article, aided by daily Katannabis sessions during the weekend. Rumor has it that the storm has caused a disruption in product deliveries. Maybe, just maybe we’ll be off Monday and I’ll have another day of intense Katannabis meditation sessions.

And by-the-way You can experience Katannabis for FREE:

Simply combine your medical cannabis and my Kata-Rx which you can try for FREE, safely and conveniently in the comfort of your own home by enrolling for FREE in my online class:

Until the next time, I remain, 

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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