The Great Three Battles

31 Oct

Katannabis, the entheogenic combination of Kata and cannabis as a meditation ritual, is an ongoing process of experimentation, documentation and analysis. Recently, I developed a new Kata to augment my own research. I call it the Sanchin-Dai Kata, the “Great Three Battle” Kata.  

The Kata incorporates elements from the “Sacred Trinity” of Kata, Sanchin, Seienchin and Suparunpei together with internal chanting to produce a powerful meditative experience as part of the overall Katannabis session.

It provides a great framework for my meditations on the three battles of Katannabis, energy flows and access to the so-called higher dimensions. To help me visualize these concepts, I codified my many pages on notes into a schematic. Often after a Katannabis session I will utilize the schematic during Zazen (seated meditation).

At this juncture, I am not comfortable divulging my sights. Simply put, and I mean no disparagement, but these concepts are too advanced for online disclosure. My desire to memorialize and sometimes publish my findings is tempered by a nagging feeling that by publishing my experiences, I am trivializing them by making them too easily attainable. To put my concerns at rest, I’m not going to re-type my notes. Rather, I simply going to upload them as Jpegs. You’ll have to go through the “effort” of clicking on the to read. That may dissuade all those save those who are really interested in probing the profound meditative effects of Katannabis. All others, press the “escape” button and click off this site then go purchase your self-help books, crystals, new yoga pants and incense. This isn’t for you.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

(with the privilege and permission of the superiors)

Sensei John Szmitkowski

You can start in the “shallow end of the pool” of Katannabis ritual meditation for FREE using this safe, convenient link to my online school: The course is FREE! 


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