Katannabis Mandala-Effect – Introduction

30 Jan

I’m going to post a series of articles that explore the “Mandala-effect” found within the practice of Katannabis ritual mediation. This effect is explored though various sequences of both the traditional Suparunpei Kata and my Sanchin-Dai Kata. 

So that the Mandala-effect can be explored by those who do not know either Kata, such as my Katannabis students that do not practice a karate kata curriculum, I’m posting here an introduction to my “Sanchin Kata In Four Directions.”

Sanchin Kata in Four Directions was a hybrid Sanchin Kata that I developed in the early 2000’s for my “Sanchin-Kata-For-Everyone” students. It is a very convenient way for anyone to enhanced themselves physically and mentally. A fortiori, it easily becomes part of the Katannabis meditation ritual. Take a look and try it yourself as part of your won Katannabis session. Then you too, can embark upon your own study of the “Mandala-effect” of Katannabis.

I hope you enjoy the video. It was filmed many years ago on the Lower Salt River in Tonto National Forest, Arizona. Enjoy.

You can start in the “shallow end of the river” of Katannabis ritual meditation for FREE using this safe, convenient link to my online school: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation The course is FREE! 

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

Sensei JohnSzmitkowski


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