Katannabis – Cannabis As An Entheogen

6 Feb

Cannabis Entheogen: Its purpose in Katannabis

I wholeheartedly advocate the wellness and mindfulness aspect of Kata. I fell in love with kata at age ten; over fifty years ago. I embrace the idea that anyone can and should learn and perform kata. Thus, Kata need not be taught solely as part of a karate program. I called this belief “Kata-RX.” 

 I not only advocate Kata-Rx, I practice it daily. Twenty years ago, I started feeling that something was missing. Kata sustained and nourished me. But I felt more was possible. Through contemplation and experimentation I realized that a more fulfilling experience and a greater ascendancy was possible. Cannabis was the key. Cannabis accelerated the process. What do I mean?

 Experience showed me that a certain level of mindfulness was achieved after performing Kata-Rx for about thirty to forty-five minutes followed by ten minutes of Zazen meditation. Experimentation showed me that a micro-dose of cannabis prior to the start of Kata-RX accelerated the mindfulness process. The micro dose prior to Kata-RX took me to that heightened state achieved at the end of a Kata session at the very start. The Katannabis experience, Kata combined with Cannabis,  then took me further. The result was stunning. 

For the last twenty years, I have been exploring, documenting and memorializing my Katannabis. Cannabis, as an entheogen, is an accelerant that quickens and elevates that state of meditative, higher, consciousness that can derived solely from Kata. It is a natural entheogen that requires no processing to be effective. As an entheogen, it is a tool to assist the Katannabis practitioner on achieving a higher state of physical and non-physical self.

 A word about cannabis dosage. I want to stress that it is important that you use a micro-dose of cannabis. You are not looking to get “stoned.” 

You must be able to perform the Kata with technical proficiency. Sloppy, stoned Kata will NOT invoke the physical and mental benefits of Katannabis. If stoned you will not achieve the fullest Katannabis experience.

The casual observer should not notice a difference in your Kata performance during the Katannabis ceremony. I emphasize casual observer because to the enlightened observer (one that has expanded consciousness through Katannabis) a difference can be seen in your eyes during the Kata. The eyes reflect your your inner consciousness. Thus, they will disclose an enhanced Kata experience to those with similar vision.

So a little goes a long way. Consideration should also be given to the manner in which you interact with and utilize the cannabis. Simply put, treat the cannabis with respect. Just like your kata, the more respect you pay to cannabis the more embracing your experience and relationship with the herb.

If Katannabis is not for you, that’s okay. Fine. But keep the dogmatic criticisms to yourself. Particularly those that think the “masters of old” were angels. Do your research, many consumed alcohol to excess. Some even advocated gambling, brawling and frequenting prostitutes as a means of testing and bettering their karate. So, before you open your mouth, know the history. See, for example, a comment on a Facebook page regarding one such master (from his top student no less).

I’ve also attached my notes regarding some of the pioneers of entheogen research, Timothy Wyllie, Sasha Shulgin and Terrence McKenna to encourage you to take a deep dive into not only Katannabis, but also entheogen in general and how they can be applied to Kata. 

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

(with the privilege and permission of the superiors)

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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