Katannabis Guideline # 1 – Respect

13 Feb

Katannabis Guideline # 1:

Respect – Kata, Cannabis & Smoking Guns

All Kata begin and end with respect.” I’ve had that quote drilled into my psyche since the age of ten  by my Sensei. Even to the uninitiated, it is clear from the “Acts of preparation” to Kata, that respect permeates the Kata experience. By acts of preparation I am referring to the three step process that is performed prior to starting and at the end of each kata. Those steps, at the start of kata, are:  a bow of respect, mukso (meditation symbol) and ready posture (Hache-dache). At the end of the Kata, the acts are performed in reverse order so as to end with a bow of respect.

In so far as Katannabis incorporates Kata, the acts are incorporated into Katannabis. For most, this would appear to mean that the bow of respect, mukso and ready posture should be performed prior to the first Kata of the session. This IS wrong. Why?

The cannabis entheogen should be utilized prior to the first Kata so as to allow the entheogen to take effect. Effectively, the use of the entheogen is the first “Kata” movement. It is, therefore, appropriate that the acts of preparation be performed prior to ingesting the entheogen. As I prefer cannabis flower to deliver my entheogen, I perform the acts prior to filling my pipe. I then full my pipe, take a puff and sit in Zazen (seated meditation) for about five minutes prior to the first Kata.

The acts of preparation used as above provide an external symbol of the respect to be shown to the flower, the Kata and the Katannabis meditation ritual. The symbol merely externalizes the inner spiritual, non-physical, respect that you as the participant carry inside you for all aspects of the process. The respect differentiates the Katannabis practitioner from the average recreational user.

Once my Katannabis session has concluded, I perform the acts in reverse order. I assume the ready posture, perform the standard karate-do mukso and mindfully bow in respect.

Respect is extremely important in Katannabis. Katannabis has great potential for higher meditative exploration. Such power demands respect. A failure to respect the cannabis entheogen, the Kata, the entire process can have dire, unforeseen and even unrecognizable consequences. Do not tempt fate – show respect. To understand Katannabis is to understand the essence of an esoteric practice. As with any such practice, obtaining this understanding is effectively “playing with a loaded gun.” In the words of Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, “You’ll either learn to use it correctly or you will end up shooting yourself in the foot – either way, you will respect it!” (See below) 

Treat the entire Katannabis meditation process with respect beginning with the cannabis itself, the Kata, the ritual and yes, even yourself – all should be treated with respect.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

Sensei John Szmitkowski.


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