Katannabis Guideline # 2 – Dosage

13 Feb

Katannabis Guideline # 2: Dosage 

Katannabis dosage is a tricky subject. It is an involved topic. Given the many forms of investing the entheogen, dosage will vary from individual to individual based upon method of ingestion, physical stature of the participant and mental and emotional state at the time of commencing the Katannabis meditation ritual. Further, the exploration of Katannabis is an on-going endeavor. I am constantly experimenting with potency, dosage and frequency of ingestion during a Katannabis session.

Much more will be addressed in the “Advanced Katannabis Topics” section. For now, I would generally recommend that you begin with the smallest dosage possible. I like to ingest my Katannabis via flower. As such, I generally begin with a single puff of the flower. I then sit quietly in Zazen for about five minutes before commencing my Kata. The goal is to allow the entheogen to clear out all the psychological blockage that was accumulated during the course of the day but enable me to proficiently perform the underlying Kata. Katannabis can not be performed while “stoned” – the Kata cannot be performed sloppily. Such overindulgence will ruin the Katannabis experience. 

So, start with a small dosage of cannabis. You can always add to that if necessary. Further, I recommend that you document the strain involved, the potency of THC and the dosage utilized. This will help you formulate the highest level of your own Katannabis experience. 

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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