Katannabis – Designing Your Kata Syllabus: Level IV Kata

23 Feb

Level IV Kata

In this level the “non-physical, non-apparent aspect” of the Kata is all important. Do not view techniques as strikes, blocks and kicks that come in contact with an imaginary opponent. Rather, view the techniques as being necessary to move percussive energy wave. The strikes, blocks and kicks are but a means to move the air, the molecules in the air, generating magnetic and gravitational waves. I encourage you to do as much supplemental research as possible. Physics has shown that all of our physical movements generate electro-magnetic and gravitational waves. It is this phenomenon that you wish to exhibit in your Kata at this level. Intrigued? If so, you may want to click these two links on factors (internal & external, seen & unseen) that affect your Kata – do some research on it and blow your mind:  (internal) https://senseijohn.me/2022/08/08/internal-factors-involved-in-katannabis-part-1-of-2/ and (external) https://senseijohn.me/2022/09/12/external-factors-involved-in-katannabis-part-2-of-2/

In my experience the single best Kata for this level is Seienchin. (For those readers unfamiliar with Seienchin, please see endnote # 1) Now, I will readily admit that Seienchin is near and dear to my heart. It is my closest Kata companion since I first learned it as a green belt in 1975. So, its been with me for a while. I was always drawn to it. Throughout my life it nurtured and sustained me in times of need. So, yeah, I am prejudiced to it.

I believe that it is the manner in which Seienchin is performed that makes it perfect for the requirements of this level. Seienchin representing the “Calm in the storm/storm in the calm,” embodies perfectly the duality of nature and the universe. The movements of the Kata reflect this. It starts off in a side stance, low and deep with movements that are slow, methodical with deep abdominal breathing and dynamic muscle control. It progresses to sharp, focused fast, energetic, kinetic movements. The alternates between the two types of movements. Intrigued? Here’s a bonus – my journal on the alternative interpretation of Seienchin: “Walk far to quell & conquer.”

The key, I think, its to envelope yourself in the physicality of your being, represented by the “storm” or the swift fast movements and the non-physical nature of your essence, represented by the slow, methodical, “calm” movements. 

Bearing the in mind, if you do not have Seienchin Kata within your curriculum, you have two choices: 

  • You can learn a similar Kata that I have created to fill the requirements of this level and the next. I call this Kata, Sanchin-Dai, or “Great Three Battles.” I will put a link to free online instruction for this Kata in the endnotes in the near future, or,
  • You can modify the performance of any Kata to meet the performance of Seienchin. I would note that such modification should include the use of a side stance in the beginning. As will be discussed in more detail in the advanced section, the physical requirements and “discomfort” associated with a deep side stance, held for a long period provide a great transitional means to deemphasize the physical to the non-physical. This is for a more advanced chapter. For now, consider the necessity of using a side stance well in any modification to your existing Kata.

Depending upon my state-of-mind at the start of a Katannabis session, I sometimes will imbue another dose of the entheogen prior to beginning this level. If so, I usually sit in Zazen, seated meditation, for about five minutes before starting so as to let the additional entheogen take effect. More is discussed on this in later chapters. You can experiment (and document your results) as to the administration of the cannabis entheogen, dosage and efficacy of the strain you use.)

Upon completing this level, there is a pervasive sense, experience of the Non-physical, energetic reality that exists and envelopes your physical being. You will leave the physical boundaries of your body and merge with such realities. The next level will break you through the portal.

Cum Superiorum Privilegio Veniaque

Sensei John Szmitkowski


 1. Having only spent the last twenty or so years of my fifty-two year kata journey on the topic of Katannabis, my research into Levels IV to VI is limited. I am convinced that these levels must utilize what I call the “Sacred-Trinity” of Kata, namely: Seienchin, Suparunpei and Sanchin. Now, I fully realize that if these Kata are not in your martial arts kata catalogue, it would be a tall order to try to learn all three. To allow you to experience Katannabis without this additional burden, I created the “Sanchin-Dai” (“Great Three Battles”) Kata which incorporates the salient concepts of the sacred-trinity as far as Katannabis meditation is concerned. You may learn Sanchin-Dai Kata for yourself using this link:  —- Coming soon —-

Bouns!!! Seienchin Kata with Wild Horses filmed at the Lower Salt River, Tonto National Forest, Arizona


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