Katannabis – Designing Your Kata Syllabus: Level VI

2 Mar

Level VI Kata

The last level at last. Level VI is the level that I call, “Level/No-Level.” Level/No-level is a nod towards the state-of-mind known as Mushin/No-Shin, “Mind-no mind.” Level VI is a level in an of itself, but isn’t. It is active but static, physical but non-physical. It will have two kata. The first is the omnipresent, primordial Kata, Sanchin. Books, volumes and volumes of books can (and should) be written on Sanchin. In fact there will be very detailed discussion of Sanchin further on. Want a hint at the esoteric, just search Sanchin in this sites search bar and see what I’ve previously written about this remarkable Kata. Within the context of Katannabis, Sanchin shines and reveals its deepest, sometimes darkest secrets.

If you do not already know Sanchin – learn it. At age eleven when I first encountered Sanchin Sensei told me it was “moving meditation.” Trust me Sensei himself had no idea. Now, at age sixty-two, with Katannabis, I am finally exploring its true hidden, dare I say Divine, aspects.

The level goes from “moving meditation” to conclude with Zazen, seated mediation. For now, understand that Zazen is analogous to the universe’s so-called “big-bang.” The point at which everything started – the point of compressed potential. I’ll explore more, but for now understand that Zazen is the “big-bang” of every and all – yes – every and all Kata. Zazen is potential. Potential of all Kata exist within Zazen. Though static, it is energetic!

Here’s a fun one – Sanchin Kata Motorcycle Ride amongst the cotton fields of Arizona:

Cum Superiorum Privilegio Veniaque

Sensei John Szmitkowski


 1. Having only spent the last twenty or so years of my fifty-two year kata journey on the topic of Katannabis, my research into Levels IV to VI is limited. I am convinced that these levels must utilize what I call the “Sacred-Trinity” of Kia, namely: Seienchin, Suparunpei and Sanchin. Now, I fully realize that if these Kata are not in your martial arts kata catalogue, it would be a tall order to try to learn all three. To allow you to experience Katannabis without this additional burden, I created the “Sanchin-Dai” (“Great Three Battles”) Kata which incorporates the salient concepts of the sacred-trinity as far as Katannabis meditation is concerned. You may learn Sanchin-Dai Kata for yourself using this link: – – – Coming Soon – – 


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