Katannabis – Time-slip: Introductory Comments

7 Mar

Time-slip is a name I created to describe one of Katannabis’ earliest experiential phenomenon. Together with a phenomenon I call “spatial distortion,” time-slip is one of the first epiphenomenon of Katannabis meditation that you will experience. 

I first encountered time-slip while performing the mandala sequences of Suparunpei Kata. In very general terms, time-slip is the perception of an alteration of time as normally experienced otherwise. This can be a perceived slowing or quickening experience of time. It can also be the feeling of “lost” or “forgotten”time. I’ll give specific examples of each in a later submission. For now, I’d like to offer a few preliminary comments. 

As always, don’t let my experiences skew yours. My experiences and observations should only provide a framework upon which to build your own. It is for this reason that your should keep a journal of your experiences, preferably while still under the effects of a Katannabis session. 

You must keep in mind a few rudimentary facts about time. They are provided to make you think about your own experiments and experiences with time as it relates to your Katannabis meditation. Let these comments and your experiences motivate you to conduct more external (science based) research into the topic of time. This will ultimately deepen and enrich your Katannabis ritual mediation. Be intrigued! For example, I’ve attached a photo of my personal notes from a “Time Dilation” video from the World Science Festival. Really interesting stuff especially when you start to put that within the context of your Katannabis.

For this brief introductory article there are two points to bear in mind about time. The first point is a physical one. Time is subject to “dilation.” That is to say: The faster you move through space, the slower you move through time.”

The second point is a non-physical one. Time is a memory (past), a perception (current) and an anticipation (future). It is the merging of these three events that gives us the impression of a so-called “arrow of time.” I think, repeat, think, that it is this arrow of time that is “slipped” as your perform your Kata during a Katannabis session. My hypothesis is that you become so in the “now” that the memory of the move you just performed (past) is lost as soon as it is performed. You become so entangled with the current move (present) that there is no anticipation of the next move (future). Your body is merely on autopilot through the Kata. Your mind is divorced from the process – it is freed. (See Endnote # 1).Thus, I hypothesize, you no longer experience an arrow of time. (See endnote # 2).

Merge the above two points on time together and consider – You are moving through space, thus a very, very small dilution of time – imperceptible, but exists on some scale, measurable. The sequences themselves are the “snapshots” not “video” thus, all moves are present at the same time, regardless of appropriate sequences. Kata combined with the entheogen, cannabis, also effects directly your ability to perceive time. And there you go. A brief introduction to the epiphenomenon I call “time-slip.” In the next article on the topic, I’ll share with you some of my personal experiences of time-slip. In doing so, I will provide you with an indicia of what to expect so that you can recognize your own perception of time-slip as it manifests in your Katannabis.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque * 

Sensei John Szmitkowski


*with the privilege and permission of the superiors

1. This is a drastically different experience from performing a Kata with a martial intent. In that performance, the overriding principle is one of “Zen-Ken-Ichi,” “Mind and fist are one.” Whereas in Katannabis, with the assistance of the cannabis entheogen, the mind, spirit, soul, whatever you wish to call it is separated from the body so as to vibrate to a higher dimension. This “time-slip” is encountered.

2. Experientially, I can say that my Kata becomes one of those picture books of static sequential images that you flip to create movement. That is to say the Kata is not a video, but rather multiple static images.


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