Katannabis: Kata Modifications

26 Apr

Katannabis kata are traditional karate kata that I slightly modified to enhance the entheogenic experience. In these blogs, I’ll be disclosing and discussing some of those modifications.

First allow me to address the purpose for modification.Katannabis does not emphasize self-defense. It emphasizes spirituality. Thus changes are made to foster that emphasis. It is important to note that the changes do; however, maintain martial efficacy. This is a hallmark of kata in general. Further, the changes also inspire a martial analysis, called “Bunkai,” so as to understand the practical self-defense application of the modification made for Katannabis.

Let’s turn to the first two kata in my Katannabis syllabus, Fuku and Gekisai Kata. I modified the opening and forward punches performed in both kata. Traditionally, As you can see in the videos, Fuku opens by stepping forward to a right Sanchin stance while executing a right closed middle block with Sanchin breathing and dynamics. Gekisai opens by stepping forward to a right Sanchin stance while executing a double closed middle block with Sanchin breathing and dynamics. I modified Fuku to open the same as Gekisai. My reasoning is that any lost bunkai (analysis of the kata, see Endnote number 1) is offset by the advantage of illustrating the inter-connectivity of kata. This is in reflection of a similar opening being maintained through Sanchin, Suparunpei and kata outside of the Goshin-Do style such as Sanseiryu and Shishoshin (and others that I am unaware of as they are outside of my Kata syllabus).

I also slightly modified the mechanics of punching. This modification serves two purposes. First, it again should the concept of unification of the kata within Katannabis (all kata are hidden in each other so as to form one conceptual kata). Second, the modification pays homage to the implied fighting distance reflected within each kata opening. (See Endnote # 1).

You can see both the traditional kata openings and the Katannabis kata modifications in these two videos.

Fuku Kata:

Gekisai Kata (For those viewers that find the traditional opening a bit unusual that is because the Goshin-Do Karate Gekisai is not derived from either Gekisai-Dai-Ichi not Gekisai-Dai-Ni, but is actually drawn from the Gekisai-Da-San Kata of Sensei Seikichi Toguchi.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque *

Sensei John Szmitkowski

* (with the privilege and permission of the superiors)


1 – By analyzing the first two moves of Fuku and Gekisai Kata, an implied distancing (“Ma’ai”) is found unique to each. Fuku that starts with the above opening and proceeds by stepping forward to a left front stance executing a left lunge punch emphasizes a middle distance fight. Such a fight occurs at a distance whereby each opponent must step forward to contact the opponent with a hand strike or kick with the rear leg so as to cover distance. Further the opening posture of having one hand in front of you and one hand back in chamber represents a defensive posture where the desire to block and immediately counter is illustrated. By starting with a double hand middle bock and a stationary reverse punch, Gekisai indicates a close distance fight. In such a fight the desire is, first and foremost, protection. This is because at close distance you can hit your opponent without stepping forward or quickly, and deceptively, kick with the front leg. There is no need to close distance. Thus, both hands are in front of your body.


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