Guideline # 5: Higher Dimensions – Spiritual “Karens” or “Bobs” Tread Carefully

4 May

You know who you are. In this world, your time is more precious than the other, what, eight trillion people on this planet. You are entitled to the most super-human service possible when you go to the grocery store or restaurant. If not you’ll demand a manager. Literally, the ground where you walk is blessed by your feet.

Well, get over it. You may be a “Karen” or “Bob” in this world, but believe me in the higher dimensions you’re nothing, zero. You’re going to need a change of attitude. Your going to have to learn humility and respect. Why?

First and foremost, I doubt you will even gain access to higher dimensional and higher frequency domains. You just don’t have what it takes – spiritual humility. Oh sure, you mediate, burn incense, rub crystals over your body and have all the latest and priciest accoutrements, but everyone knows you just go through the motions until your next low fat, soy milk latte. So you probably have little to worry about. Except, attracting negative, dark, “left-hand” higher energies and frequencies. But hey, such energy beings need their servants too.

Second, even assuming arguendo, that you can transcend the veil, understand that there are non-physical residents of the higher dimensions. These citizens, in some circles of practitioners, are known collectively as the “Pre-Adamics.” They are those who existed prior to man, represented as “Adam.” The non-physical Unseen is their home. To them you may have breached, not transcended the portal. Try to understand what you have done. Imagine being in your living room relaxing and some one just “pops” into your room. How welcoming will you be? So, transcend cautiously and above all respectfully. Don’t be an obnoxious spiritual tourist.

Third, you will be challenged, tested, scrutinized and yeah, possibly psychically assaulted. And – I bet you don’t get to “Talk to the manager!” Remember last week when your neighbors landscaper was blowing leaves off his lawn and made too much noise for your entitled tastes or some kid was riding a skateboard on your sidewalk and you challenged them? In the words of Bachman, Turner, Overdrive, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Wait until you are metaphysically confronted, challenged, and tested. They have “unique” ways to let you know their displeasure at your being present. 

Fourth, your attitude and negative energy may attract more than you bargained for. You may bring back a “souvenir,” baggage or even an actual entity that you attracted. That will assuredly not be something you want. You may not even be able to rid yourself of that which you attracted to this physical dimension.

IF you cross the portal to the first level of the non-physical realm you are in uncharted territory. Lose the attitude, be respectful – be humble- for once in your entitled life. You may even become a better citizen of the world in which we inhabit.

In future articles I will describe and attempt to chart my experiences. Please keep in mind that they are just that – my experiences. Transcending the various regions of the non-physical dimension isn’t like a series of steps leading to a plateau, rather, it is like a wave-function. You adjust your energy so as to vibrate along a wave function to the desired frequency of the region you choose to inhabit. Yeah, I know, it sounds very, very cliche; but it is what it is. A final word of warning which I borrowed from Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok:

Much more will follow, but for now, tread cautiously, be respectful at all times, observe and adhere to the guidelines as they are revealed to you.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque *

Sensei John Szmitkowski

* (with the privilege and permission of the superiors)


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