The goal of this page is to acquaint you with Sanchin Kata so that you can perform it as you wish. Therefore, this page and Sanchin Kata is what you will make of it. Curiosity brought you here, the rest is up to you. If you do not wish to invest a few minutes each day to learn Sanchin and then re-invest 2 – 3 minutes to practice it daily, then leave now – this page is worth nothing, zero to you – you’re time is best spent online shopping, gaming, or using social media.

For those of you that have not clicked off this page, welcome and please read on.

WARNING & Disclaimer –

In a society that will sell you pharmaceutical drugs to combat erectile disfunction and then warn you to check with your physician to see if you are healthy enough for sex, the state of litigious affairs dictates that I advise you to consult with your physical before commencing any physical activity, including Sanchin.

ANYONE can acquaint themselves with Sanchin

(NO Karate experience required)

Try Sanchin For FREE right here, right now.

Like the Shibumi Kata, Sanchin is an integral part of my ideology of Jiriki Kata-Do (Physical & psychological wellness from within yourself using Kata). I hope you enjoy acquainting yourself with Sanchin. Practice & perform Sanchin with a pure heart.

While this page will acquaint you with Sanchin Kata, I have also included an additional resource on this blog, To the right is a list of categories. The new category (as of January 19th, 2014) is called “. . . That’s OK” contains cyber-group sessions for you to join in at your convenience, or use as a source for different themes for your Sanchin practice. The “. . . That’s OK” category is replacing the older “Sanchin Pilgrimage” category; which contained older Sanchin themes.

TEXT-hand secret things

And with a smile from which I took comfort, . . . he led me amongst the secret things . . . (Dante’s Inferno, Canto III)

SANCHIN - Three Battles - Three Aspects of Life

SANCHIN – Three Battles – Three Aspects of Life

The Kanji, or calligraphy, for Sanchin (pronounced “Sohn-Chin”) means “Three Battles.” In this context three battles means the three aspects of all human activity:

  • Breathing
  • Bodily Movement
  • State-Of-Mind

A centuries old practice, Sanchin synchronizes all three of these human aspects in one ancient procedure. Sanchin is often referred to as “moving-Zen”. It is a form of dynamic meditation that provides for physical well-being and health, spiritual or mental stimulation and awareness of the transcendent.

Once learned, Sanchin takes less than 3 minutes to perform. It can be adapted to your specific needs as they change from day to day and is available to

  • Any Body
  • Any Place
  • Any Time
  • Even when out for a motorcycle ride!! (See video below)
  • No special clothing or equipment is required
  • You are Sanchin & Sanchin is You

This page will allow you to experience Sanchin for free and without further obligation.

However, PLEASE check with your physician prior to beginning any physical exercise, including Sanchin.

The breathing and state-of-mind of Sanchin was incorporated into the Shibumi Kata that I created. As such, I will reference links to the applicable chapters for that Kata.

Preliminarily, you may want to understand what Kata is. This link will assist you – LINK:

First, you must learn to breath efficiently. This is easily accomplished using the techniques described in this chapter – LINK:

Second, you must learn proper posture for Sanchin using this LINK:

Third, you can acquaint yourself with the specific movements of Sanchin. To do so you can view the videos below. These videos show me performing not only the traditional Sanchin Kata in a pleasing light snow (with poems), but also shows my Shobu (Combat) Sanchin (set against a gallery of vultures). I use the Shobu Sanchin when I need to energize myself, or relieve stress, anger, frustration or similar dilatory emotions. Please note that these videos will acquaint you with Sanchin. There is no substitute for instruction. I have a book and DVD available as described below and am available for small group instruction as set forth on my seminar page.

Fourth, you should perform Sanchin with the Mushin state-of-mind. This state of mind is described in the Shibumi Kata table Of Contents.

Even when out for a motorcycle ride!

Additional Bonus video of Tensho (Turning Hand) Kata filmed in a snowstorm.

Tensho Kata is an elaborate form of Sanchin Kata with three different breathing methods. Please enjoy this bonus video.

Ok, so I can’t resist one more attempt at proving to you that Sanchin Kata can be performed by

ANYBODY – ANYPLACE -ANYTIME,  so how about when flyfishing –

If you are confined to a wheel chair or bed-ridden, you will still be able to perform the Sanchin Kata. In this regard, you may wish to read these two posts: Kata In Bed: Link: and performing kata in your mind – Link:

Please feel free to read some of the testimonials from people who have benefitted from the Sanchin experience with this convenient LINK:

 Continuing Practice Tips

I continually post new practice ideas to stimulate your Sanchin experience. Here are two recent video examples, Reverse Sanchin Kata and Random Sanchin Kata.


(Please e-mail me for purchase information.)

The Sanchin DVD is 57 minutes in length. It provides a step-by-step approach to learning Sanchin and includes several of the topics discussed in the Sanchin book. The DVD was filmed in the sate of Arizona and contains stunning visual vistas that serve as a background to the topics and exercises covered.

Sanchin DVD cover art

Sanchin DVD cover art

The Sanchin book is 116 paperback pages.


Both the book and DVD set forth the dynamic exercises that will enable you to efficiently learn the physical movements of Sanchin, the spiritual application of the state of mind known as “Mushin”, the ability to transport your bio-energy, or Chi, throughout your body and the metaphysical aspects of Sanchin. The textbook also includes lectures that accompany the dynamic exercises. These lectures provide an in depth analysis of the three battles, or aspects, of Sanchin, to wit: The physical, spiritual and the heretofore hidden, or secret, metaphysical aspect.

 Here is a portion of the Forward written by Shihan Wayne Norlander, Ku-Dan (9th degree black belt), Menkyo Kaiden, USA Goshin-Ryu Karate-Do. The Sanchin DVD is dedicated to Shihan who passed away on May 18, 2011.

“A prospector might say that this book is not just a nugget of gold in a world of iron-ore self help books, but rather the mother-lode.  As I said, I think in all my years perhaps this book compares with Peter Urban’s classic, The Karate Sensei as a must read for any martial artist with an understanding of Kata and its benefits. As for those who are not, they will certainly gain from this book as well an insight in how to achieve a more fulfilled, healthful body and peaceful mind in a world where we can all use every and any advantage”.

You can e-mail me or send me a “comment” for purchase information. I will reply back to your inquiry as soon as possible.

The cost is as follows:

DVD:  Jiriki Kata-Do Sanchin DVD, $ 11.99 which INCLUDES US Media Mail costs,

BOOK: Jiriki Kata-Do Sanchin Book, $ 16.99 which INCLUDES US Media Mail costs,

Save Money – purchase both:

BOTH: Jiriki Kata-Do Sanchin Package, $ 21.99 which INCLUDES US Media Mail costs.

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