The goal of this page is to acquaint you with my Shibumi Kata and concepts so that you can perform it as you wish. Therefore, this page and Shibumi Kata is what you will make of it. Curiosity brought you here, the rest is up to you. If you do not wish to invest a few minutes each day to learn Shibumi and then re-invest 2 – 3 minutes to practice it daily, then leave now – this page is worth nothing, zero to you – you’re time is best spent online shopping, gaming, or using social media.

For those of you that have not clicked off this page, welcome and please read on.

WARNING & Disclaimer –

In a society that will sell you pharmaceutical drugs to combat erectile disfunction and then warn you to check with your physician to see if you are healthy enough for sex, the state of litigious affairs dictates that I advise you to consult with your physical before commencing any physical activity, including Shibumi.

ANYONE can acquaint themselves with Shibumi

(NO Karate experience required)

Try Shibumi For FREE right here, right now.

The Shibumi Kata is an integral part of my ideology of Jiriki Kata-Do (Physical & psychological wellness from within yourself using Kata). The translation of Shibumi is “understated elegance.” I hope you enjoy acquainting yourself with Shibumi. Practice & perform Sanchin with a pure heart.

While this page will acquaint you with Shibumi Kata, I have also included an additional resource on this blog, To the right is a list of categories. The new category (as of January 19th, 2014) is called “. . . That’s OK” contains cyber-group sessions for you to join in at your convenience, or use as a source for different themes for your Shibumi practice. What ever difficulty you encounter can be mitigated with the Shibumi Kata because “. . .  That’s OK” (with OK being an acronym for Online Kata).

TEXT-hand secret things

And with a smile from which I took comfort, . . . he led me amongst the secret things . . . (Dante’s Inferno) 

I have created this page for the convenience of those readers that have a physical or psychological need for the Shibumi Kata (Understated Elegance Procedure). A Table Of Contents with links to the chapters follows this introduction.

Though I created the Shibumi Kata specifically for “Dean” who is fighting cancer, and his caregiver, I felt it was my giri, or duty, to share my service to Dean with others so they may also find benefit and comfort in Shibumi.

This page shall provide a quick reference outline of all Shibumi Kata topics with links to the specific chapter. These articles are also contained in the “Shibumi” category at the right of the page; however, they appear in reverse chronological order (the most recent appearing first).

The outline below contains the chapters in the order they should be read.

Videos of the actual physical procedures are contained in the chapters where appropriate and can be accessed by using the links below.

It is important to note that while the within applies to the afflicted person, that persons caregiver can also benefit from Shibumi and thus, provide better care. Update 02-10-13: As a caregiver myself, I am concerned that the idea that the Shibumi Kata applies equally to caregivers may be a bit downplayed, so I have decided to add a chapter entitled “Caregiver Considerations” to the overall Shibumi project.



(Understated Elegance Procedure)

Table Of Contents


Purpose of Shibumi Kata – Link: (Posted 12-1-13)

  •  “Dean’s” Cancer
  •  Kata To overcome dilatory physical & psychological effects
  • Shibumi Kata (“Understated Elegance”)

What is Kata? – Link: (Posted 12-4-2013)

  •      General Definition
  •      Elements Of Sanchin (Breathing, Bodily Movement, State Of Mind)


Strategy For Health – Link (Posted 12-04-2013)

  •      Three States Of Matter

Conduit Of The Breath – Link (Posted 12-04-2013)

  •  Breathing Methodology

Posture – Link (Posted 12-04-2013)

Flow Of Inner Energy – Link (Posted 12-04-2013)

Tactics – Introduction – Link (Posted 12-04-2013)

  •      Eight Poems Of The Chinese Fist


Sequence # 1: To Spit / To Swallow — (Posted 12-05-2013)

  •      Physical Movements
  •      Psychological Applications
  •      Video Of Kata

Sequence # 2: To Float / To Sink — (Posted 12-05-2013)

  •     Physical Movements
  •      Psychological Applications
  •      Video Of Kata

Sequence # 3: To Burst / To Bounce — (Posted 12-07-2013)

  •      Physical Movements
  •      Psychological Applications
  •      Video Of Kata

Sequence # 4: To Lift / To Spring — (Posted 12-08-2013)

  •      Physical Movements
  •      Psychological Applications
  •       Video Of Kata


If you are confined to a wheel chair or bed-ridden, you may still be able to perform the Shibumi Kata. In this regard, you may wish to read these two posts: Kata In Bed: Link: and performing kata in your mind – Link:


Jiriki Kata-Do (Wellness From Within Oneself Using Shibumi Kata)

  • Jiriki versus Tairiki (Wellness from within oneself versus wellness from outside of oneself)

States Of Mind

  • Nenjuushin (Everyday Mind)
  • Mushin No Shin (Mind-No-Mind)
  • Zanshin (Remaining Mind)
  • Tomaranu Kokoro (Unstoppable Mind)

Sanchin – Three Battles Revisited



You Are A Samurai! (posted 01-25-2014) link:

  • Introduction
  • Benefits Of Shibumi For Caregivers

Shibumi Surrogate (allows you to share Shibumi concepts with the afflicted person in the event they cannot perform Shibumi)

© Copyright 2013 – 2014 Issho Productions & John Szmitkowski, all rights reserved.

NOTE: I am uploading this information as quickly as I type or videotape it; please excuse any spelling, contextual or grammatical errors. I have proof read the within; however, in my haste some errors may have escaped me. Once complete, I shall go back and edit such errors.

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