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Shibumi – Kata Framework: Inner Energy

4 Dec


The foregoing is one component Chapter of an overall work describing the Shibumi Kata. To read the work in the order intended, please either click on the Shibumi Kata Page Tab above for a full Table Of Contents or this convenient            link: https://senseijohn.me/shibumi-kata/

Concept of Bio-energy:

Externally physical and psychological change is facilitated by bodily movement. Internally change is facilitated by directing your body’s inner energy. In ancient times this inner energy was referred to as “Chi” or “Ki”. In modern times these terms are still utilized in specific fields of endeavor.  I call this energy simply “Bio-energy.” BIO-energy resides within your “Hara” or belly. The exact point is located slightly below the belly button.

The ability to transport bio-energy within the confines of one’s own body is an integral component of the Shibumi Kata. In short, this is the ability to expand and contract one’s bio-energy from the Hara to the physical boundary of the entire human body. While the physical movements of the Shibumi Kata are somewhat easy to begin to learn, the internal transport of one’s bio-energy will take faith, time, energy and commitment to learn.

To learn to contract and expand your bio-energy, you must first perceive that it exists. It is important that you do not “visualize” your bio-energy. Visualization is wholly inadequate. Visualization is the mere physical effect of light passing through your eyes to the organ known as the brain where the light is processed. Every organ has a function (the stomach to digest, the heart to circulate blood, and the like). The higher function of the brain is the mind. It is the mind that processes the light from the eyes to form a recognizable pattern. It is this higher brain function, the mind, that is used to perceive the existence and movement of bio-energy within your body. Thus, you do not use your brain to visulaize the movement of bio-energy in your body, you use your mind to perceive such movement.

You must start to perceive its existence and residence within the Hara. As you inhale (in any of the manner previously discussed) perceive and be aware of your own energy. Perceive it contained in the Hara. As you exhale (again in any of the described manner), perceive that the bio-energy flows from your Hara throughout your body. The effect if that of filling and deflating a balloon. The ballon starts empty, symbolizing the bio-energy residing in the Hara. As you exhale, thus filing the balloon, the bio-energy flows to all points of your body and is bounded only by your skin. Again, like air fills the entire balloon.

The expansion and contraction of bio-energy is a fundamentally important internal process of the Shibumi Kata. The awareness of bio-energy and its flow can only be achieved through dedicated practice.

In closing, I wish you – Shibumi,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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