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Katannabis – Designing Your Kata Syllabus: Level III Kata

22 Feb

Level III Kata

In this level I recommend two kata. I am not sure if such is a necessity, but in my Katannabis, I find the two of the shortest duration Kata within the Goshin-Do system work best. You may find the same applies within you Kata curriculum. 

The goal of the two Kata is to foster the transition stage from a physical based experience to a more non-physical experience. Level II laid the foundation by using a Kata that had a non-physical significance. In this level, we try to duplicate that non-physicalness within the physicality of two Kata. I’ll repeat that the two Kata I use in my Katannabis are, first, Ananku and second Seipai (see Endnotes for a video)

The Kata will foster this transaction in two different ways. The first fast is performed with Kime (focus). Again, I find the best Kata should be short, fast, and powerful. I find a short Kata works best to allow you to transition the power and perception of power from a physical to a spiritual. How? Notwithstanding that you are physically performing the movements swift, powerful and with intent (Zen-Ken-Ichi, “Mind and fist are one”) you want to channel that energy not as a physical force but as a forceful energy wave emanating from the physical movement. Think of putting out a candle flame with your punch – it is the wave of energy, not the fist that does so.This shift of perception is the groundwork for transitioning from the realm of physical sensation to the realm of the energy wave which is derived from the physical movements of the kata. Like two different universes within one space, a co-existing multi-verse of perception. Think to the first time you learned to punch, or, gasp, break a board, you were told to penetrate the target but to “snap” your punch, not push through it. Thus, part and parcel with the physical penetration, there is a percussive energy wave.

The second Kata, also of a short direction is one that while using Kime, is performed with flowing, light, swift movements. It is the flowing nature of the performance that, I submit, is key. If you established a percussive energy wave with the first Kata, this Kata allows you to perceive yourself as riding that percussive energy wave. In my syllabus, the Kata Seipai fits that requirement perfectly. If you are unfamiliar with the Kata, you can easily find an online video. If you do not have a Kata that is performed in the manner of Seipai, then you can adapt one of your Kata. Remember, it is not necessarily the sequences of the Kata, but the manner in which they are performed – a subdued , snappy Kime, flowing, light, graceful movements. I would say this is akin to a Kata with Kime mixed with a Tai Chi performance influence. To test this theory, I tried substituting the Kata Wansu performed in this manner in lieu of Seipai and achieved acceptable results. Note that Wansu is also a relatively short duration Kata.

Visualization: At this level, your visualization is one of a Tableau Rosa – a blank slate. To the extension possible, you must view your actual surroundings with a gaze called “Boketto.” Boketto is to view your surroundings, preferably outdoors in nature, without preconception or definition. That is to say, look at a tree, or grass, etc without forming their name in your mind. It is the name that drags along a preconception. This is to be avoided. In its place, let your mind fill itself with the “Mind of a white belt.” Remember your first days, weeks and months in the Dojo – you did not know the names of techniques or Kata practiced by your seniors, rather you observed purely without association. This is your visualization and mindset during this level.

To recap a few highlights:

  • The levels progress from a physical based experience to a non-physical one;
  • This progression also affects one’s mental viewpoint from a physical based reality, Level I envisions the mythical Kata combat to a non-physical based experience, the combat becomes a non-physical energy;
  • Boketto and the “mind of white belt” will begin to transition you from the pre-judged, pre-conceived physical reality to the unknown and unseen non-physical dimensions that exists concurrently with our physical based one.

The Kata in these three levels allow you to now “cross the threshold” of that experience and build upon it in the next three levels. Intrigued? If so, you may want to click these two links on factors (internal & external, seen & unseen) that affect your Kata – do some research on it and blow your mind:  (internal) https://senseijohn.me/2022/08/08/internal-factors-involved-in-katannabis-part-1-of-2/ and (external) https://senseijohn.me/2022/09/12/external-factors-involved-in-katannabis-part-2-of-2/

Enjoy your Katannabis with a pure heart, 

Cum Superiorum Privilegio Veniaque

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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