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Need A Pause “. . . That’s OK”

9 Mar

There is a technique used in reading poetry known as a “caesurae.” A caesurae is a dramatic pause designed to given fulfillment, meaning and drama to the poem.
There comes a time when we all need a caesurae, a poetic pause, from the drama of our daily lives. I am not immune to such a need. I, therefore, invite you to share in my need with this “. . . That’s OK” (Online Kata session), one in which we will not merely pause the drama of our daily lives, but poetically pause such drama using the mechanism of Sanchin.
Remember, the group dynamic is not fulfilled by all of us being geographically present, rather, it is fulfilled by each of us performing Sanchin in the proscribed manner.
Session Parameters:
Date: The week of Monday March 9th, 2015
Time: Any time that you need a caesurae from the drama of your day. Also, perform Sanchin as many times each day that you feel you need such a caesurae;
Location: Any location; however, (as always) I would suggest an outdoor location;
Salient Points:
Use Sanchin to not merely pause the dilatory effects of the drama of daily life, but to poetically pause such drama to achieve rejuvenation;
The last requirement of this Sanchin Pilgrimage is to remain in an enraptured physical, spiritual and metaphysical state throughout the day by way of the concept of “Zanshin” (the “remaining mind” which is discussed in my Sanchin DVD and Book).

Once again, you may wish to not only perform the Sanchin Pilgrimage as scheduled, but may also revisit the specific pilgrimage and allow Sanchin to unlock the cage imposed upon your by the drama of daily life. Do this as an integral part of your regular Sanchin practice.

In closing, I remain enjoying a daily caesurae,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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