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My Daily Kata-Rx & Katannabis

3 May

There’s been interest in my specific daily Katannabis / Kata-Rx routine. So, let me share it with you. If there’s anything that keeps me going it is this very routine.

Each day I engage in two Kata-Rx meditative session. One in the evening and one in the morning.

For my own reasons I consider the evening session the first session and the morning session the second. I’ll explain the import of this in a future article. What lay between, six days a week, is work, thus it becomes part of the meditative ritual. The hardships of earning a living are softened by transforming it from a physical activity to a spiritual meditative pursuit.

Through the unique blending of sessions, work, sandwiched in the middle, effectively becomes part of the session. As arduous and physically challenging that work is, it becomes part of my meditation. Thus, the physical demands of work are transformed into a spiritual endeavor. But much more on that in a future article.

      The first session is my evening session. I usually perform this session around 6:30. If I’m not home from work in sufficient time, I may abbreviate the evening session. This session is my Katannabis session (the entheogenic combination of my Kata-Rx and medical cannabis). During this session, I utilize a micro-dose of cannabis followed by my Katannabis ritual. I start by performing the various kata that are included in the ritual. This is then followed by ten minutes of my personalized zazen, seated meditation. I personalize my zazen by incorporating “Sa – Ta – Na – Ma” chanting, proceeding to a seated Ghost Hands Kata (single hand version) with additional meditative movements. Please recall that in the single hand version, you visualize performing the double hand version. Here’s a link for more details on my Zazen https://senseijohn.me/2021/01/18/senseis-kata-rx-journal-entry-2-my-daily-zazen/

The result of the Katannabis session is a deep-rooted, primordial sense of alert-calmness, a state I describe as an awakened erotic euphoria.

      My morning Kata-Rx session is performed in three distinct stages. At no time is medical cannabis involved in the morning session, thus it is a Kata-Rx session not Katannabis. The first stage is at home as I prepare for my work day. It involves performing various Katannabis Kata (without the medical cannabis). These kata will vary; however, I always perform the Kata Suparunpei. Every Wednesday I perform the Kunchaba Kata in memory of my friend and comrade Shihan Wayne Norlander, R.I.P. Right before I leave for work, I go outside, start my motorcycle and perform Sanchin Kata as the bike warms. I then leave.

      After I arrive at the shop, I text my wife I’m safe. Hey, first things first. I then sit on my bike and repeat my zazen ritual. In this session I only visualize performing the single hand version of my Ghost Hand Kata. Thus, I engage in a double visualization – visualizing performing the single hand Ghost Hand which includes a visualization of performing the double hand Ghost Hand Kata. Zazen concluded, my work day officially started. I’ll use my Kata-Rx as needed throughout the day to make it until the work days end when I again return home.

So that’s my daily Katannabis ritual (evening) and Kata-Rx meditation (morning). You can learn Kata-Rx for FREE in my online school using this secure link: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

Well that’s my Kata-Rx session and Katannabis ceremony. Until next time, I remain,

My Zazen – Part Two: Hand Movements

8 Feb

There’s been growing interest in my daily Kata-Rx and Katannabis sessions in general and specifically post about my daily Zazen component. Many of you want to learn the supplemental hand movements I added to my Ghost Hand Kata. So, here it is.

First a three points to remember.

           You can learn my Ghost Hand Kata and my Kata-Rx for wellness and mindfulness for FREE by enrolling in my online school using this convenient, safe link: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation ,

        My Zazen involves, not only sitting in meditation, but also chanting and hand movements (the Ghost Hand Kata. You can read more about my zazen here: https://senseijohn.me/2021/01/18/senseis-kata-rx-journal-entry-2-my-daily-zazen/ ,

        The supplemental movements are performed immediately after the Ghost Hand Kata (single hand version).

With that said, here’s a video, filmed in the calm of a recent snow storm here in New Jersey, showing the supplemental movements. Please remember that zazen is seated meditation. for ease of viewing the video was filmed with me standing.

These movements are derived from the Suparunpei Kata (pronounced Supa – roon – pay). Suparunpei is an important, integral component of both my Kata-Rx program and my Katannabis ritual (the entheogenic combination of medical cannabis and my Kata-Rx). In the Suparunpei the movements is actually only performed on the right side. It is also performed in all four directions beginning with North, then South, West and East. This is important for spiritual reasons. For now, these reasons are beyond the ken of this article.

In Zazen the movements are performed in only one direction. However, they are performed both right sided and left sided. There is an additional twist to these movements. They are performed physically when part of my daily evening Katannabis ritual. However, they are only visualized in my daily morning Kata-Rx session. This is extremely important. While I would like to share the reason with you, I cannot do so at this time. Simply put, it is not for a novice to my ways and must be used cautiously.

I hope you enjoy the zazen component of my daily Kata-Rx and Katannabis. Again, you can get started on benefitting from both physically, mentally and spiritually for FREE: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

Until the nest submission I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowsk

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Enjoy your Instagram experience with Sensei John.


Sensei’s Kata-Rx Journal Entry # 3: Depth Of Winter – Or, Is It Summer?

1 Feb

“In the depth of winter, I discovered within me lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

        That’s been my mantra all week. Working outdoors, my mood is susceptible to influence by the weather. This was one such week. Often bleak with very little sun, morning temperatures below freezing and high temperatures hardly above the weather bore down upon me.

The aches and pains of physical labor were amplified by the cold. Fatigue, increased by my body burning calories just to maintain a normal core temperature, weighed heavily.

My nightly Katannabis and morning Kata-Rx sessions didn’t just nurture me. It sustained me. It got more through. Now Sunday, the one day off, Katannabis and Kata-Rx instill a connectivity. This day of rest is connected to the next day of rest, six days away. Both are one and the same. Separated only by six brief interruptions of work. I’ll get through the next week because its already connect, past, present and future. That knowledge mitigates the dilatory physical, mental and emotional effects of winter and allows my internal summer to sustain itself.

      Life is one big continuum, each moment exists independently and co-mingled with its predecessor and successor. Winter is linked to and exists simultaneously with summer. It is all a simple matter of a state-of-being. Yeah, I know, sounds a bit “new-age.” I agree – but – after years of my Kata-Rx mediation and Katannabis ritual, I can tell you its not only true, but can be experienced!

Believe me or not, it makes no difference to me. I understand it, experience it and benefit from it. You can too, for FREE, safely and conveniently in the comfort of your own home by enrolling for FREE in my online class: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

From the Mushin-No-Shin mindset class

Until the next time – which incidentally exists right now, we just don’t know it, I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

Sensei’s Kata-Rx Journal Entry # 2: My Daily Zazen

18 Jan

Zazen, seated meditation, is an integral part of my daily Katannabis / Kata-Rx practice. I use two different forms of zazen each day.

The first is part of my evening Katannabis (the entheogenic combination of Kata-Rx and medical cannabis, for more please use this link: https://senseijohn.me/2020/10/26/kata-rx-medical-cannabis-katannabis-2/ ).

During my evening zazen, I sit quietly in my darkened bedroom. I perform a “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” chant (I’ll have an article on this in the near future). Then I perform a single hand Ghost Hand Kata while seated. This is followed by a series of movements from the Suparunpei Kata (I’ll video on this soon). I then close with a final “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” chant.

The second zazen session I perform sitting on my motorcycle after I have arrived at work.

I do this session with eyes closed until the final chanting. I start with a “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” chanting session. I then again, “perform” the ghost hand except that I do not physically do so. I sit still and perform the Ghost Hand Kata completely in my mind. I also perform the movements of Suparunpei Kata entirely in my mind. I then close with a “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” chanting session.

So there’s my daily zazen which is an integral part of my daily Katannabis (evening) and Kata-Rx (morning). You can learn Kata-Rx for FREE in my online school using this secure link: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

See you in class,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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Use this link to join for FREE – https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

Kata-Rx & Cannabis – Legal and FREE

9 Nov

       Here in New Jersey the people have spoken in the recent election New Jersey has extended its medical marijuana program to include recreational use. Now, you have an opportunity to explore the entheogenic meditative experience of combining My Kata-Rx for wellness program with cannabis. A ceremonial practice I call “Katannabis.”

     You can prepare now for the effective date by learning Kata-Rx for FREE in the privacy of your own home at your convenience. by enrolling for FREE in my online school – https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation

You can also follow my weekly insights into both Kata-Rx For Wellness amd Katannabis (Kata-Rx and your cannabis) by viewing my blog:

     Katannabis specific articles may be found here: https://senseijohn.me/category/katannabis/

      Kata-Rx articles can be found here: https://senseijohn.me/category/kata-rx-for-wellness-mindfulness/

Here’s a sneak peak at Kata-Rx For Wellness:


Here’s one of my guidelines for Katannabis:

Enjoy, yours in Katannabis,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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