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Problems Solved

14 Jul

From the verbal traditions of the Dojo, a martial myth,

There was once a monk who would carry a mirror where ever he went. A priest noticed this one day and thought to himself,  “This monk must be so preoccupied with the way he looks that he has to carry that mirror all the time. He should not worry about the way he looks on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts.” 

So the priest went up to the monk and asked “Why do you always carry that mirror?” thinking for sure this would prove his guilt.

The monk pulled the mirror from his bag and pointed it at the priest. Then he said “I use it in times of trouble. I look into it and it shows me the source of my problems as well as the solution to my problems.”

Respectfully submitted


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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Hatsu Bon For Hanshi Frank Van Lenten

1 Jul

Today marks the three year anniversary of the passing of Hanshi Frank Van Lenten, the founder of the Goshin-Do Karate-Do Kyokai and style of karate-do. Today’s training and the following Hatsu Bon Poem are offered to his spirit. Should today’s readers so desire, please join us and perform a kata of your choice in his memory. May Hanshi’s spirit find our training and poem worthy.

Hanshi Van Lenten

I have reconstructed several of Hanshi Van Lenten’s Goshin-Do Karate-Do Kyokai kata which were lost after he disbanded the kyokai in 1983; links to these kata follow the poem.

Goshin-Do Karate Kyokai patch


Please don’t cry before my grave
That’s not where I am
Nor am I sleeping for eternity
I am already part of the breezes
numbering a thousand
I am part of the light
that brightens this world
Like a diamond glittering in the snow
Like the sun that coaxes seeds to sprout
And in the Fall I become the gentle rain
that nurtures all.
When you open the window in the morning
I am the breeze
That causes your hair to flutter;
And at night, I am the star
That watches over your sleep.
So, please . . . don’t cry before my grave
That’s not where I am.
I am not dead.
I have been born anew.

Here videos of several of Goshin-Do Karate-Do Kyokai kata unique to Hanshi Van Lenten.

 Kanto  Kanto Kata – created by Hanshi Van Lenten at the request of his various Okinawa Sensei to symbolize his Goshin-Do Karate-Do style. The kata and style were approved by Hanshi’s several Okinawa Sensei as being Okinawa-based.

The following are Goshin-Do Karate-Do Kyokai kata (abandoned when the kyokai was disbanded in 1983) which I recreated using archival text, notes, photos and film also featured in the videos: (See Endnote # 2)

  sunsu-2 Sunsu Kata; Not only does this video feature footage of Hanshi Van Lenten performing his version of this hallmark kata of Isshin-Ryu Krate-Do, it also shows Shimaboku, Tatsuo Sensei’s recognition of Hanshi Van Lenten as a Ju-Dan, 1oth degree black belt. (See Endnote # 1)

  Jion Jion Kata: A very rare version of the traditional kata recreated at Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizona

  Jitte Jitte Kata: A very rare version of the traditional kata recreated at Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizona

Respectfully submitted,


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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1. Copy of Shimaboku, Tatsuo-Sensei’s letter to Hanshi Van Lenten as featured in the Sunsu Kata video (link is above).


2. My sincerest thanks to Shihan Thomas DeFelice (Ku-Dan Goshin-Do Karate-Do) for providing the text and photographs of Jion and Jitte Kata, and Hanshi Jerry Thompson (Arts Of Self-Defense), Shihan Ed DiNardo (Hachi-dan, Arts Of Self-Defense, New Jersey and Arizona) and Kyoshi Tom Van Tassel (Nana-Dan, American Center For Martial Arts, New Jersey) for providing the films of Hanshi Van Lenten.

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