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Sensei’s Journal Entry # 6: I Find An Umbrella

1 Mar

I’ve had some, oh shall we say, unusual experiences as a result of my exploration of Katannabis (the entheogenic combination of my Kata-Rx and medical cannabis). During last night’s Katannabis a strange but true story from eight years ago came to mind. There are very few people that know this unexplained tale. Now, you will join them

Eight years ago my father died. The day after his funeral I found an umbrella. Doesn’t sound strange? Doesn’t hint at the “other-worldly?” Ah, but wait.

The morning after Dad’s funeral I was at a park doing my Kata-Rx. After finishing, I took a short walk around the park. I walked towards a pavilion. Reaching the pavilion, I had a desire to do one more kata; Suparunpei Kata, a very spiritual kata. During the kata, something off in a distant corner caught my eye. I decided to check it out. It was an umbrella. Some one must have forgotten it from yesterday when it had rained. I decided to check it out. So I opened it and saw an insignia.

When I saw the insignia, an electric chill ran up from my fingers, upwards through my arm to fill my body. The insignia was the logo for St. Peter’s Prep, a school in Jersey City, New Jersey.

St. Peter’s Prep is not just any school. It was where my father, whom we buried yesterday, went to school.

This was on my mind when at the end of a rainy Sunday, the last day of February, 2021, I performed my daily Katannabis meditation.

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Until the next time, I remain,

Sensei John Szmitkowsk


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