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24 Sep

I am pleased to announce a new weblog category I call “A SANCHIN SANCTUM.” This category will serve a dual purpose.

The first purpose is to archive articles that pertain to unique, unusual and, some may say, controversial, insights into the practice of Sanchin. These articles are designed to divulge some of the attributes of Sanchin Kata found within the dynamic ideology of Jiriki Kata-Do. By divulging some of these attributes, I hope to wet the appetite of those readers, who have, as of yet, not discovered Sanchin for themselves. In this regard, these articles are designed to inspire readers to seek to discover Sanchin; perhaps by way of either my economically priced 57 minute DVD, my 116 page book, or both.


The second purpose of this category is to guide those that have purchased either my book or DVD to a preliminary discussion of topics related to Sanchin. Those who have purchased either a DVD or book have access to my personal e-support system, which includes e-mails, a private FaceBook group and even video support. This category of the weblog is designed to spur private discussion via the e-support on timely, contemporaneous Sanchin issues that arise during your Sanchin practice.

So, whenever you desire to explore Sanchin related topics, this category will provide an intellectual archival warehouse for your use and comments.

I hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, I remain, practicing, analyzing, contemplating and archiving my Sanchin experiences.



Sensei John Szmitkowski

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For more on either Sanchin Kata as meditation or my new book on Sanchin Kata, please feel free to visit the “Sanchin Book” page of this weblog, or my website WWW.Dynamic-Meditation.Com.

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