Thank-you to everyone who purchased either the Sanchin Kata DVD or Book, or both. Through their continued, dedicated practice, they have all joined a historic, unbroken lineage that dates back through centuries of time. All are now members of that elite group I call the – – SECT OF SANCHIN.

— Sensei John



From: Arnold (age 71): Waukesha, WI

I spend my winters in Arizona and met Sensei John at his Sanchin Booth at the farmer’s market in Apache Junction. Even before I made my purchase, Sensei spent time with me explaining its benefits and answering my questions. After I purchased my Sanchin DVD, I continued to visit Sensei and he always had time for me. Now, I FINALLY have a way to maintain myself physically, spiritually and increase my concentration. Thanks Sensei for all your help.


From: David R. (Age: 66), Arvada, CO:

I just bought your book & dvd package. I am not an ebay member so I can’t seem to post a review but this is what I wrote.

 Great Price. Quick Delivery. Super Content. The DVD is very good and the book is something you will read and re-read for a long time. Definitely a labor of love. Simple is not the same as easy. Sometimes “basics” are “advanced.” Practical and mystical. Since Fujian White Crane and Okinawan Karate have a common heritage, at this price, this combo should be in every kung-fu and karate practitioners MA library. 


From: Brian J., Carthage, MO

I recently purchased the Sanchin DVD (via Ebay) and as a Sanchin Kata beginner  I’m happy with my purchase.  The DVD is designed to instruct a person with no prior training.  I have been wanting to learn a correct Sanchin kata training method WITHOUT having to learn to mimic Darth Vadar’s breathing.

Sensei John’s Sanchin is a “Katsujin No Kata”- a kata that gives one life- as opposed to the common “Satsujin No Kata”- a kata that teaches one to take a life- which is practiced and taught in most Karate dojo.

I’m happy to find that Budo Karate is still being taught in the USA because in the Joplin, MO area ALL of the local Karate dojo’s practice sport karate or MMA;-(

I hope that John Sensei continues with his instructional DVDs.


From: Antonio, Apache Junction, AZ

I love the Sanchin DVD. The Arizona scenery is stunning (and I live in Arizona). It adds to my learning experience. I look forward to Sanchin practice each and every day. Thank-you Sensei.


From: Rick V., Bayonne, NJ

Thank-you! The (Sanchin) Book and DVD is great! It makes me want to learn again for mind and body well-being in one unique exercise.


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