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Welcome to my Katannabis™  page! The price of entry – a pure heart, an open mind and a desire to explore that which is beyond the ken of conventional experience. If you can afford the price, then continue onward; if not, bow-out and exit gracefully. 

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Familiar with Katannabis? If so start here with my Syllabus & Resources:  https://senseijohn.me/2023/02/13/katannabis-syllabus-resources/

Katannabis Initiates please stay on this page:

Let me be very clear right here, right now – Katannabis is not about simply “Getting stoned.” Look, I make no judgments, the recreational use of cannabis serves a purpose; I am for it if that’s all you desire or are humanly capable of. Katannabis; however represents decades of commitment on my part, 52 years to be exact, it is serious. It has life altering capabilities . The raising of one’s consciousness has repercussions. Chiefly one will exit the banality of the common existence imposed upon us during our so-called “fall from grace in Eden.” Recreational cannabis temporarily alleviates that. Katannabis allows you to understand and explore the alternatives to that banality.

Katannabis is the name I have given to my meditative ritual practice of entheogenically combining my Kata-Rx For Wellness program and Cannabis. I practice the Katannabis meditative ritual almost daily. Though I have practiced Kata for over fifty years and the predecessor form of Katannabis for over thirty-five, I am still exploring and developing its potential. As such, and for other reasons, I am hesitant to release this powerful ritual to the public. For all its greatness, the internet allows for an unfiltered willy-nilly approach to the dissemination of information that can, at times, be used in a manner that is detrimental to the average person.

So, in my free online classes and herein I will disseminate only that information which I feel comfortable making public in the limited, impersonal, forum of the internet. This process will involve much debate within myself. Without personal instruction your path could stray into unknown dark territory. I am always mindful of the tension between disclosure and non-disclosure. To borrow from the author Dion Fortune:

“To disclose sufficient information to be adequate with out disclosing sufficient to be dangerous is my problem.” (See Endnote # 2)

So what is Katannabis?

It starts with my Kata-rx for wellness program. Kata-Rx uses certain elevated karate-based forms as a means of teaching a heightened form of dynamic meditation. Simply think of Tai Chi or Qigong exponentially enhanced. Kata-Rx is about meditatively combining what is known as “Sanchin” or “Three battles”


Bodily Movement (NOT athleticism!)


To this process cannabis is mindfully and respectfully added as an entheogen (see note # 1) to aid the process of transformation from the mundane daily consciousness to  an alternative state above and beyond the physical, materialistic, hedonistic state of being within which we reside. Again, as an entheogen, cannabis is not used willy-nilly. Its use is mindful, respectful and purposeful so as to achieve a specific objective, namely a higher dimensional consciousness. 

Sounds a little “new-agey?” Admittedly, yes – but, I have and do experience the results of this meditative ritual. Over decades I have carefully documented and memorialized my process, finds, experiments and experiences. I am now slowly and cautiously disseminating my findings and methods. That these alternative dimensions and environments exist outside of our ability to see, hear and touch them is now scientific fact. Scientists of all disciplines now readily admit to the unseen world. Terms such as “Dark matter” and “Dark energy” are now part of accepted vernacular. Unseen particles of matter have been discovered, and more are yet to be discovered. It is truly amazing that science now understands that unseen particles, such as “WIMPS” (weakly interacting particles) and Neutrinos regularly pass through our bodies by the trillions. Yet, we do not physically experience them and supposedly they have no effect on us. Or, do they? Yes, science has proven the unseen world exists! 

It is through deep, introspective meditation that you can experience these dimensions and unseen environments. My studies in the martial arts, which began in 1971, have led me to discover my own method – Katannabis. Now, slowly, cautiously I will divulge some of my methods to the public. 

So, you if you dare, you can begin your journey. If you don’t have the fortitude for Katannabis – then get one of the many self-help books, videos, crystals, incense and singing bowls available. It’s only yourself that you are kidding. Sample from my Instagram – enjoy:

Ready to start your journey with Katannabis Ritual Meditation? If and ONLY IF you are serious, then, you can start the Kata-Rx portion for FREE in the convenience and safety of your own home. You supply your own cannabis (medical or recreational). But, by using it in Katannabis it becomes neither medical nor recreational. It becomes ceremonial use.  If you know Kata, please use this link to my Syllabus & Resources:

 Don’t Know Kata, please use this link to learn my Kata-Rx For Wellness for FREE in your own home, at your convenience: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/core-kata-course

My Katannabis Journal: I have spent the last twenty of my over fifty year Kata experience experimenting with Katannabis (Kata combined with the cannabis entheogen as a mediation ritual). An integral; part of my Katannabis journey has been to document and memorialize my methods, experiments, findings and experiences. Here I will share with you some of the Katannabis meditation experiences and phenomenon, good and bad, that I have experienced over the years. Naturally, this is an abridged sharing. If I shared the full content of my ten notebooks, well, it would be voluminous.

You may view my journal (in reverse chronological order) by clicking this link: https://senseijohn.me/category/journal-senseis-kata-rx-exploration/

You may also follow me on Instagram at: 1Day1Lifetime

One last word of caution – and again, from experience, knowing enlightenment, higher dimensions and the unseen world isn’t unicorns and fairy dust – its a cold slap in the face! To borrow once again from Dion Fortune, 

“The Threshold of the Unseen is a treacherous coast in which to bathe.” (see Endnote # 3)

Now, this is your last chance to close this browser and walk away.

You have been cautioned, guide yourself accordingly.

Sensei John Szmitkowski

Follow Sensei John on Instagram at 1Day1Lifetime


1. Entheogen is derived from the Greek meaning, “becoming Divine within.” It is “a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness for spiritual or religious purposes.”

2. Fortune, Dion, Psychic Self-Defense, E-Book, Preface. Dion Fortune is the Non D’ Plum for Violet Mary Firth.

3. Id., Chapter 1. 


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