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Now, you can learn from Sensei John conveniently in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. At present, Sensei John is offering the following courses:


Let’s take a quick sneak peak (and listen to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean in Asbury Park, NJ where this video was filmed)

An innovative 3 part course teaching Sensei’s own unique Kata, the “1 Day / 1 Lifetime” Kata he created for the non-martial arts student that desires to benefit from the physical & mindfulness benefits of kata. Including private one-on-one access to Sensei John in a private FaceBook Group. – all at an unheard of introductory price.

The course is offered in 3 parts:

The first course is the Core Kata course

Enrollment is now open!

You may learn more, view the course syllabus and enroll, including a limited time special offer of only $ 10. (& a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!) with this convenient, secure link:

Take a sneak peak at my unique “Kata-RX For Wellness & Mindfulness”

Course Highlights:

This course will teach you the core kata that the full course will build upon. The kata is presented in simple, easy to learn videos using Sensei’s unique step-by-step approach honed over almost five decades of teaching experience. In addition to video classes, the course also provides written PDF’s that enhance your learning experience and that you can print for ease of reference. In this course, you will learn:

  • •The physical movements of the Ghost Hand Kata, a unique kata and visualization developed by Sensei to help reset your mental well being. 
  • •The physical movements of the Sanchin Kata Core Kata, an ancient kata used to develop not only physical wellness but mind-body unification.
  • •The unique 1 Day / 1 Lifetime Kata created by Sensei derived from the unification of the Ghost Hand and Sanchin Kata. It is the kata that should be performed at least daily. Performing the Kata once a day takes less than 3 minutes but yields a bountiful harvest of wellness & mindfulness. You can easy perform the kata multiple times each day. With Sensei’s guidance, you can also customize the kata to achieve your own individual wellness & mindfulness goals.
  • •Performing the Kata takes less than 3 minutes but yields a bountiful harvest of wellness & mindfulness.
  • While Sensei is sure you will want to progress to the full course, rest assured that the core kata taught in this course is self-sustaining. If you do not want to go further, then the course is complete in and of itself so you can use kata to achieve wellness & mindfulness.

Enroll now at an unheard of low price! (see flyer below)

The second course is the Full 1 Day / 1 Lifetime Kata Course

The second step is the “Full Kata-RX For Wellness & Mindfulness” course. In addition, this course offers innovative classes and guidance for those students that have been prescribed medical cannabis (marijuana) in its various forms. Classes teach the ancient entheogenic use of kata combined with your medical cannabis to produce an enhanced ritualistic ceremony experience.

Let’s take a sneak peak:

This course picks up where the first course ended. For a limited time it is available for either a one payment option of $ 55. or a monthly payments of $ 30. each. Naturally, the course comes with a 30 refund if not completely satisfied.

You may view the entire course curriculum using this convenient link:

The third course is the advanced course

Enrollment opens August, 2019

This course is for the serious student that desires to explore the hidden depths of kata’s secret teachings as only Sensei John can teach. With his almost 5 decades of kata experience, let Sensei John guide you amongst the “secret things.”



Enrollment starts January, 2020

This course will teach you how to “Think-Sweat-Experiment”™ with kata as only Sensei John, with almost 5 decades of kata experience can teach. You can see a special teaser course outline using this link:

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