New Book Update – Ghost Hands Revealed

7 Nov

As I’ve been teasing about my newest kata as moving meditation project (, including hinting at the Buddha nature of kata, (, I thought I would update the status to date. Let’s say a “Sanchin For Everyone, version 2.0.”

I’ve returned from spending Halloween in Cape Cod, MA where I filmed video and still photos for the project. Writing the book is about ninety percent complete, give or take. It seems just when I think I’m done, there’s a new avenue I wish to explore and reveal. I guess that’s an inherent problem with a project that you not only wish to educate people about, but also practice daily. There’s always a new insight, twist or nuance you find. In general a good thing, but a nightmare for deciding what to share and include in a book or video at any specific point.

So, as things move along with a tentative January 1, 2019 deadline in mind, I give you a few more teasers.


This updated version of my 2009 Sanchin Kata as Dynamic Meditation project, combines the insights and nuances I garnered from the last decade of practicing what I preach. Also I’ve incorporated a new meditation technique that I encountered years ago and still practice. I have taken an esoteric kata from ancient karate-do called, “Gassho No Kata.” Now, don’t go searching this kata online. I did and I did not find the kata I am referring to. There are other kata with this name on line, but not the one I will share in the book. Further, based upon my experience in performing the kata, I modified it. I stress; however, that I did NOT modify the physical movements of the kata. Rather, I modified the perception and visualization of the kata. This modification provides a mental, emotional and psychological reset for your mind. This modified kata I am tentatively calling “Kami-Te Kata” or “simply “Ghost-hand Kata.” While it provides a daily reset for your mind, I felt more was needed.

I began to practice my Ghost-hand Kata in conjunction with Sanchin Kata and the results were staggering. The visualization and reset of the Ghost-hands Kata when combined with the spiritual and physical benefits of Sanchin (too numerous to list here) produced a most rarefied meditative experience.


I then realized that by incorporating physical techniques and spiritual aspects of the Seienchin Kata (translated as “Calm in the storm, storm in the calm”) and the Suparunpei Kata (“108 Hands”) I had discovered a well rounded, yet relatively simply method for daily meditation and rejuvenation.

The end result does not require a major commitment of time. The whole moving meditative process took less than five minutes. It could, therefore be performed anytime throughout the day as often as needed. As I emphasized in 2009 with my Sanchin project, no special equipment is required, no uniform or unique clothing and no dojo, school or structure was required. Simply put, it can and should be performed by anybody, anytime and anyplace. This is the true nature of my moving meditation process I call, “Jiriki Kata-Do,” “Wellness from within you through kata.”

Enough teasing for now, back to writing and video editing. More to come during this very exciting and enlightening time.

This week’s featured video – from 2012, AnyBody, Anytime & Anyplace can do Sanchin Kata! (filmed in San Tan Valley, Arizona)


Sensei John Szmitkowski

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