Holiday Stress? Try Kata-RX For FREE!

23 Nov

   It seems but the blink of an eye. Or perhaps, more appropriately the jingle of a bell. Once again the Christmas Season is upon us. That means one thing – extra Holiday stress. To compound that, “Christmas comes early this year” seems to be on everyone’s lips. It seems somehow, Thanksgiving conspired to add to the stress by “Coming late” and thus, there’s less time to shop for Christmas.

   Is there no relief? “Yes!” Treat yourself to the wellness and mindfulness benefits of Kata-RX for FREE!. Take a moment to give back to yourself. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. You have nothing to loose, its FREE!

Kata-RX For Wellness makes the perfect Christmas Gift! ANYone, ANYwhere, ANYtime can use Kata-RX for physical wellness and mental well-being and mindfulness. Since the first course is free, why not also treat yourself?

   Wow, Course # 1 in my Kata-RX For Wellness & Mindfulness is now FREE! Use this link to join for FREE

See you in class!

Sensei John Szmitkowski

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