My Katannabis Kata Syllabus

14 Jun

This week I want to share with you the specific Kata that I perform during my Katannabis sessions. Again, Katannabis is the entheogenic combination of my Kata-Rx and medical cannabis. 

An important note:  For those readers that do not know a Kata. Don’t worry, you can learn a Kata that I specifically designed for you for FREE. Using  this “One Day / One Lifetime” Kata, you, too can experience the life enhancing benefits of Katannabis. A link to my FREE online course where you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home is contained in Endnote # 1.

Before I reveal my Katannabis Kata, I need to emphasize that you do not need to learn these specific Kata. Any style’s Kata syllabus can provide the necessary Kata. (To view Kata videos, please see Endnote # 2 )To assist you in creating your own Katannabis syllabus I have placed the kata into levels of functionality; what is to be desired from the kata performance. For purposes of this article I have used general descriptions as to the purpose of each level. Each level builds upon the next facilitating the transformation from a physical-based reality to a more spiritual-based experience. A deep discussion is beyond the ken of this article, his will be more greatly discussed in future articles.

Level 1:

Facilitates the physical: Kata are strong, swift and create a need for oxygen intake. One important characteristic is that the kata contain similar sequences and a similar pattern with one building on the other. (see Endnote # 3)

my Katannabis Kata:



Level 2:

Similarly facilitates the physical experience but using one Kata. This Kata should be somewhat unique within the system containing, inter alia, a unique pattern and sequences.

my Katannabis Kata:


Level 3:

Contains two Kata, one a physical Kata and another that introduces the enhanced breathing methodology of certain Goju-Ryu Kata (see Endnote # 4)

My Katannabis Kata:



(Now starts my Sacred Trinity of Kata)

Level 4:

One Kata should now achieve the same physical to spiritual (represented by the enhanced breathing). Whereas the previous level symbolized this with two Kata, this level reinforces the transition with one Kata.

My Katannabis Kata:


Level 5:

Fully encapsulates the Katannabis experience in one Kata.

My Katannabis Kata:


Level 6:

Hard-wires the spiritual experience into your physical reality

My Katannabis Kata:


Zazen (using Sa, Ta Na Ma concepts)

Seems relatively simple. Trust me, the above summarizes a decades of my mental “Kata Laboratory.” For almost fifty years, I lived my motto of “Think * Sweat * Experiment” with Kata. It hasn’t always been easy. In the future, I’ll dissect each kata, the functionality of each level and the slight modifications of the kata. At this juncture I will note that the modification highlights and emphasizes a physical posture that is found within all the kata of Katannabis. That posture serves to connect one kata to the next, one level to the next. Thus, while performing individual kata, the entire Katannabis experience is unified. All is in fact, one.

Respectfully submitted, 

Sensei John Szmitkowski


1. You can learn my Kata-Rx for FREE, safely and conveniently in the comfort of your own home by enrolling for FREE in my online class:

2. To view the Kata mentioned in this article, please use this link:   and select the Kata you wish to view.

3. Examples include the Taikiyoku series of Kata, the Gekisai series of Kata, The Pinan series and the like.

4. At this point, the Katannabis performer may need to learn these kata. At a bare minimum, the kata Sanchin MUST be learned.

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