Zazen – The “Big-Bang” Of All Kata

3 Mar

The Big-Bang of Kata: Zazen

Science is in agreement, at least until a new theory is agreed upon, that the universe started with a “Big-bang.” The Big Bang Theory essentially holds that our universe was once an infinitely small point of potential, a singularity. 

Katannabis and Kata-Rx also started out as a singularity; a single point of energy-potential. So, what is the singularity, compressed energy potential, of Kata? And by extension, Katannabis? 

The answer is – Zazen! Yes, seated meditation!

The analysis of my hypothesis begins with the idea that there are Kata said to be hidden within other Kata. Gekisai Kata is hidden within Fuku Kata. Any Kata with a “dai” suffix is hidden within a Kata with a “sho” suffix. If you understand that then you can extrapolate that in so far as the three battles of Sanchin Kata are found within all Kata * Then you can say that all kata are hidden within Sanchin. It is then asked – Within what is hidden Sanchin Kata?

The answer is Zazen – the three battles are found, even if only by minute analysis, within Zazen – you must breathe, move your body, though seated the body still moves on a microscopic cellular level, and state of mind is actually Mushin – no state of mind. By extension, Zazen is also a physical state, a spiritual state and a metaphysical state. Thus, no matter how they are delineated, Zazen encompasses all three battles of Sanchin.

  • Sanchin Kata is hidden in Zazen (seated meditation),
  • All Kata are hidden in Sanchin Kata,
  • Therefore: All Kata are hidden in Zazen.

Now – go practice your Katannabis and think deeply on this.

Cum superiorum privilegio veniaque 

Sensei John Szmitkowski


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